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Photography Showcase – Space Freak

Photography Showcase – Space Freak


Photography:  Nati Kovalenko facebook.com/anastasia.nati @nati.kovalenko
Makeup Artist:  Daria Zhadan facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008242749358&pnref=story @dariazhadan
Model: Veronika Trufanova (Sharm model management) facebook.com/sharmmmg/?pnref=story @sharm_mmg @veroni_tr
Retoucher:  Sofia Pryadko facebook.com/sonet.pryadko?pnref=story @sonet_pryadko_retoucher
Studio Eshta.Studio facebook.com/eshtastudio @eshtastudio

How often do you muse about how the image of the future will look through your eyes? Are the images and visualization formed in your head? Can you believe that your future is starting now?

Alice had long wheaten hair and transparent peachy skin. Alice knew her future. She imagined herself in the space beyond the time. She loved to try on different insane looks without any care of public opinion, as she were sure that in future there will be completely no worries about anything exсept virtual reality.

She behaved that much confidence that people around her did not have even the shadow of a doubt that she is Absolute and all that she speaks is unchanged and true. Sometimes, she allowed herself a pretty prank. She bravely proclaimed to the crowd in the Central Park of what they should expect in the near future and what surprises are waiting for them. People were always enchanted and listened to every her word. They trusted her, as for them she was a type of Sadhu with the look of freak. In the same time, she Knew. And she was always smiling.

One day Alice was walking along sleepy New York streets. In that moment she met Andy. First, she didn’t see his face, as he walked backward. Despite this, Alice noted, that he was dressed in nice elegant costume with the hat.
Nobody, except Alice, didn’t pay much attention on him. She was curious, so she stops. Andy braked a step before the collision and turned his face to her. He had sharp cheekbones and an aquiline nose, the fireflies played in his eyes.

“Do you understand that we can not walk in the same direction ?” – Andy asked
“Only in case if you don’t want to turn back” – Alice replied
“Each of us has his own way” – Andy smirked
“One day they will merge into one” – Alice confidently looked at him
Andy kept his eyes on her. Suddenly, he touched her forehead and brushed a lock of hair. In that moment he started to trust her and the sides of the present and the future were planted for him. She smiled at him. She was always smiling.

In a moment each of them was already walked in their own, different directions. A bustling city woke up from a deep sleep.