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Photography Showcase – Roots

Photography Showcase – Roots


Photographer: Jean Weber / www.jean-weber.com
Model: Tuyamaa Tumenjargal / AVA Model Management / @avamodels
Makeup & Hair: Lola Dennis / @youhairbeauty
Assistant: Paula Arenas / Ar Dilla | Facebook

Wardrobe credits:
Look Jacket – Yves Saint Laurent – Models Own
Pants – Country Road – Models Own
Boots – Yves Saint Laurent – Models Own

There is something unique in every one of us. It is something beautiful and mysterious – an essence of the past that completes us in a whole being. It is reminiscent of our roots, the voices, the smells, the sounds and colors that made us what we are today. In times where borders have less meaning, and where we all attempt to look the same that essence is what keeps our true self untouched, unchanged. And even when time seems to pass, even if we get older that essence will remain as a reminder of where we came from.

Our origins are what makes us original, authentic. Unique beings that cannot be duplicated. And it is that sacred root that I’m looking to explore trough my lens. I see the beauty of that hidden – or maybe forgotten a place where we were born. The culture that left a blue print on our souls and lives in a silent communion with our modern life. Sometimes it only takes an instant, a small detail in our mannerisms, makeup or style, to reveal the full potential of that root. And just in that fraction of the time, past and present are one in harmony, expressing themselves in our singularity, defining who we are now and giving shape to who we will be tomorrow.

It only takes a simple look to see it. And it only takes a simple detail to reveal it. The beauty of our origins does not require fancy ornaments: simplicity becomes its truth. This girl: Tuyamaá was born in Mongolia. She represents the beauty of her nation. She is the personification of traditions that survives in a modern world. She knows her whole culture lives in her. And no matter how long or how far she might be from her land, its spirit will always remain in her soul.

Here, in her two red dots, a whole universe is enclosed. She is not the dots but her whole life has been defined by their meaning. They are the proud symbol of her roots, and now, highlighting her cheeks, they stand with subtle grace, as a perfect synthesis of her story.