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Photography Showcase – Red and Sea

Photography Showcase – Red and Sea


Photographer: Anton Ryazanov Instagram: @jaera15
Model/MUAH: July Ryazanova Instagram: @july_ryaz

Anton Ryazanov was born December 15, 1985, in Moscow, Russia. In 2002, while attending a secondary school he also studied percussion at Korneev’s music school. After finishing music school, Anton decided to teach percussion there. In addition, he gave concerts in Russia, France, and the Czech Republic. At the same time, Anton managed to graduate from Moscow Technological University where he majored in technological machines and equipment.

In 2008, Anton started his career trying different jobs, including an animator, a bank clerk, an engineer of lifesaving appliances in a huge airline company and finally he discovered a different job, a creative one – a photographer.

Anton has been photographing for 5 years. Together with his wife Julia, who works as a stylist, they have a family business – she does make-up and hair and Anton takes photos.

As people say, perfection has no limit, so Anton and Julia are constantly developing their skills, they grow as professionals and magazines start writing about the couple and publishing their works.