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Photography Showcase – Perfect is simple

Photography Showcase – Perfect is simple


Photographer: Alessia Francischiello
Female Model: Emily Buckingham
Makeup Artist: Adriana Musumeci

“Perfection is a very delicate subject nowadays. What’s perfection? How do we determine what is beautiful and what is not? And on the other end, is simplicity considered beauty today? And is perfection really attractive? Those are the questions we want to answer.

However, it’s not easy to talk about this in a world where the more means the better. Today especially women, think that you need to use expensive clothes, shiny dresses, or provocative things to impress. Many think simple means boring or see it like lack of personality, but they don’t understand that it takes confidence to stay genuine when everybody else is showing off and begging for attentions.

What we want to show women is that you don’t need much too confidently be yourself. Perfect is our way to express ourselves in the way we are. Find what suits us the best is also part of a conscious and healthy way to see our body and accept it as it is.

Simplicity is the word “less”, not considered as a negative word but as a positive one, bringing out the real nature and spirit of inner beauty.

For this project, we got inspired by our everyday clothes, by our informal cozy nightwear, by our home space. We used, in fact, just vintage clothes we never use in our real life, to challenge our limits and the way we look at things.

The first choice is a red playsuit with an off shoulder top by Pop Cherry and we decided to shoot in a cozy internal balcony, during a beautiful sunny afternoon. The makeup by Adriana Musumeci was simple but feminine with a dash of eyeliner to refine the model’s beautiful eyes (Emily Buckingham). Hair is softly tied up to show her neck and frame her face. She plays with her hair and hand because this is what she was given. Enhancing what we already love ourselves is one of the ways to increase self-confidence and feel good without the need to have an MUA with us 24 hours per day.

For the second change, we used a long dress by Pop Cherry which looks more like a nightwear to give the idea of a comfortable and secret moment like the one before going to bed. For this reason, we used studio lights and recreated a dark and intimate environment with just one light directed on the best part of Emily: her amazing red hair loose on her shoulder and her simple white skin that was shining in the dark. The sensuality shown in this look is there to emphasize the perfection behind simplicity. She doesn’t wear sexy nightwear; she covers herself with confidence and freedom.

Our third choice is a trendy style for that woman that wants to feel good about herself, young and independent but doesn’t need to show off. We’ve chosen a pink long sleeved top by Mink, a bunch of flowers to match her dreamy smile and hair bun to make her look like a modern princess.

We think that promoting simple things would make the difference nowadays, in this “full of pictures” social media society. We’ve seen everything and everyone in every way possible. We want to bring back the curiosity, the attitude, the confidence that comes from personality and that is shown in the choice of wearing everyday clothes like they were special things.

Our ideal woman is able to feel like one, attractive and powerful, with no mask but her own skin. Starting to love yourself is a choice and hard way but if you do you will feel perfect, no matter what you’re wearing, no matter who’s looking, because you know you cannot be better than yourself. You’ll be the best you can be.”

Alessia Francischiello

Photography Showcase - Perfect is simple 11

Photography Showcase – Perfect is simple

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