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Photography Showcase – Nymph deity


Photographer: Stefanie Anderson
Fashion Designer: Tamina Von Ribaupierre
Female Model: Jara Gomez

Nymphs are female spirits, goddesses of nature, forests, rivers, springs, mountains, and seas. The responsibility of the care for the plants and animals were in their hands. One type of Nymphs, the Haliai, were one of the different classes of nymphs. Hey, were the nymphs of the sea, sands and the rocky shores. In general Nymphs have such a natural beauty and seductive charm that they impact with their aspect and attract.

This was the inspiration for this editorial. The represents nature, we used more natural colors like blue and brown for clothing. Tamina von Ribaupierre, a German Fashion Designer, supported us with the clothing. The blue-grey dress remembers of the waves of the see. His color, brilliance and how its movies in the wind fit perfectly to the idea. Also, it accentuates the beauty of the female body in a positive way. The beige body is evocative of mussels or stones. The cloth on the chest and hips is worked wit ha lot of detail so that the image of a reef pops up in your mind.

The long brown dress is covered on the upper part with leather fringes. The leather fringes have a golden-brown color which glitters when the sun is reflecting on them. In our imagination, this is very similar to a wet, brownstone on the sea, where the waves are bursting.

Our Model Jara is a young and pretty girl with long brown hair. Here physique is very female and attractive. She made the perfect fit for this idea. We not even had a makeup artist for this shoot. Jara is such a natural beauty and has a wonderful skin. So, although for sure, a makeup artist would have made a great work, it was not essential or mandatory for this editorial. She came with here own makeup, a bit of base and mascara and that was enough.

For the location, we decided to shoot at some lonely rocks at the beach in Barcelona in the early morning to catch good light. In the afternoon, it’s almost impossible there to shoot or open the eyes because of the strong sun. Also in the morning, there are fewer people on the beach who could disturb the photo shoot. The advantage of his locations is, that there are some rocks covered with water, some not, so you can play a bit with angles and poses. Also, the sun in the morning is coming from behind without eliminating the entire scene which makes it much easier to shoot there.

Resuming, the team was very aligned to what we were looking for this editorial, the mood and what we want to transmit. Very important for a shooting like that, at least for me and in my experience is, that the team is very comfortable working together and well-cooperating. You can concentrate on the idea and be creative without having to guide too much at the model and so on.

What I loved about this shoot was also, that we worked in an international team. I am a fashion photographer based in Barcelona and Frankfurt, Jara is from Madrid and the designer from Munich, Germany. The way of working is different, you get more ideas because you have different influences and inspirations from the country you come from. This makes the shooting even more “rich”.

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