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Photography Showcase – Man’s Portrait

Photography Showcase – Man’s Portrait


Photography and Story: Noemi Cilenti
Model: Dario Trivari
Styling by: Noemi Cilenti, Dario Trivari

Wardrobe Credits:
Jacket Antony Morato
White Shirt bikkemberg
Long Pants Imperial
Shoes Gaudì

“Elegant, an inspiration, a man determined and passionate.

An album of photographs that depict the emotions that only a photograph fails to capture. The hidden charm with the veil of mystery that only the colors of a shot in black and white can remember.

The contrasting clothing such as the lights and shadows of the shooting finds inspiration in Bikkemberg’s white shirt and the jacket (Antony Morato). Elegance a bit ‘casual, minimalist: the jacket was worn in contrast to the dark environment, can Tell A note of romance, that man stands in the next shot almost come accomplice of liberty. But beyond the words and the clothes, they’re talking about the eyes of the lens.”