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Photography Showcase – Love triangle by Anastasia Gudkov

Photography Showcase – Love triangle by Anastasia Gudkov


Photographer: Anastasia Gudkov
Model: Jordan Ashton Smith @Neal Hamil
Makeup Artist: Niki Butler
Model: Lauren Hayley @Neal Hamil Agency
Model: Yue Cui

I was reading a Russian book “Photomaster” of Pozharskaya. It’s about the artistic side of photography. There was a photo “The Lviv courtyard” where 3 kids were playing with a ball and something else on concrete, such Soviet style old black and white photo. I think they were not really posting, they just were playing, but a photographer was able to catch them in a triangle, where one person is closer to the frame, other trying to run away, and the third is different by its white outfit. I fell in love with that shot, how author explained about composition, about contrast, about motion in the picture, about an idea – kids shouldn’t play on concrete, but they are kids, they don’t really care about conditions, live they poor or rich, they can find a way to play.

And it inspired me to my own photo shoot with a triangle. I didn’t want to distract viewers with any bright outfits or unusual makeup. I wanted the models to play in love, where two girls love the boy and they love him in different ways. One as a self-confident “free” woman and other as a submissive who is ready to serve the beloved man. But the irony is that the man does not like any of them. His heart is already taken, busy with himself. He can’t see enough of himself in the mirror, he loves themselves to madness. For him, the love of these two women is just a game. The same game as with a ball or a rope or a whirligig. Somebody might think that the girls here are victims, but in fact, they also enjoy to play with their emotions, feelings. They choose it.