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Photography Showcase – Kind Girl

Photography Showcase – Kind Girl


Photographer www.anyakubik.com @anyakubik_
Makeup @elizova_makeup
Model @tannmodels
Location www.photostudio8.ru @studiono8

Everything in the world is in constant motion and interaction. Nothing happens just like that, as they say, even the flapping wings of a butterfly can cause a chain of events. Everyone born falls into the different conditions that give him a lot of life-expensive option, but it can only go on one – selected. Every second person makes a choice, make a decision that affects its direction of motion. Man lives in the circulation of ideas, but do not always think about what consequences he will face after the selection of one or another of its dominant. Therefore, his life and turns until the moment when he does not understand that a lot depends on the source – thought control. Each has its own life, its own conditions, their situation and, accordingly, thoughts, decisions, and actions. But all have one problem: how to organize their lives, to make better and better content. In general, how to live a good reason?

All people have a range of emotions, both good and bad. You can not have everything to always evolved just the way you want. Often a person is faced with bad feelings and throws a negative way of aggression, resentment, anger in the world in which he lives. Getting into a negative situation is entirely man dives into it with his head, sometimes forgetting about all the good things in his life. And there, a lot of positivity around, one has only to turn their attention to getting out of the pit of self and look around.

A lot of good going on in this world, but it must be seen. If we make a little effort and try to better look at life, it turns out that you have the contrived problem does not exist, there is only your attitude towards them. And change it for yourself and everyone can, and at any moment. After all, man is free in his choice. Everything is much easier than it might seem at first glance. First of all, we should remember who we really are …