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Photography Showcase: Kenshin UESUGI

Photography Showcase: Kenshin UESUGI


Photography by Kazuyuki Omori
Model: Alto Tanaka
Makeup Artist: Yuki Haba
Hair styling: Luna Yoshikawa
Costume Design: Koji Toyoda

There was a one of the most famous General Samurai who may be Actually woman. Some say he was a man. The others say he was a woman. No one knows the truth about his sexuality. He name is Uesugi Kenshin. He made a big impact in Sengoku Jidai -the age of Civil wars before Edo Period.

He and his army were so strong. When he was just 18 years old, Someone talk about him after the war, ‘He is the dragon” He put his faith in Vaiśravaṇa in Buddhism. On his flag for war, there is script it means Vaiśravaṇa. He liked reading the love story. He composed a love poem. He didn’t have any wife whole his life. All his son were adopted, children.

He Left some famous words.
“死なむと戦へば生き、生きむと戦へば 必ず死するものなり”
This means “at the war, If you fight for dear life, you will survive. If you fight with thinking of survival, you will die.”

His Funeral Ode.
四十九年一睡夢 一期栄華一盃酒
My life 49years was like a dream in a moment. Prosperity in this world was like one cup of sake.

On the official record, all about him is as a man. After he died, new period came. This is Edo period, The government in Edo period put the law. It set leader of family should be man After this period, all leader of family on official is man, not concerned truth or not.