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Photography Showcase – Julia Rabkin

Photography Showcase – Julia Rabkin


Photography & Styling: Julia Rabkin
Headpieces: Every Girl A Goddess by Sandra Eileen
Models: Paige Carson, Barbie Heider, Krystal Skye Brisson
Hair: Brianne Hudson, Rachel Tomaselli, Ronnie Noir
Makeup: Nicole L. Barry, Makenzie Julia Hogarth

An examination of Beauty in all forms.

Bringing forth the upcoming blooms of Spring, I created a glorious colored landscape with beautiful women and custom floral crowns. I envisioned the women as an extension of the flowers as well as focal points of the work.

It’s a fairy tale wedding in the sense that these sensual, powerful women are marrying and melding with, their natural environment.

Hand-sewn floral adornments, fitting for women sitting for such masters as Gustav Klimt or Sandro Botticelli served as a frame for the shoot. “I envisioned Danae, The Kiss or The Dancer by Klimt – The Birth of Venus by Botticelli – Portraits that stand the test of time and murmur of secret passions,” said Sandra Eileen. These were perfect inspirations for me as I created for this collaboration with Julia.

Here – we have women possessing an authentic sense of self

• Women with stories
• Women ripe with Beauty
• Erotic, Feminine, Decorative Portraits

“Every piece created for my Every Girl A Goddess line is layered with richness and detail from bygone days. Julia possesses an artful eye. She Creates and captures more than simple two-dimensional images. Her work, steeped in passion and complexity throbs with special melodies.” – I was thrilled to create for this shoot” – Sandra Eileen.

“My inspiration stemmed from what I would imagine a fairy might look like, combined with today’s modern trends. I wanted the look to be soft and sweet with a little bit of spice thrown in. I wanted it to be striking and stand out but soft and pretty at the same time” – Makenzie

“My inspiration for the hair was whimsical, elvish, and dia de los muertos all at the same time. A little shake of this, and a little shake of that, and viola! Hair!”– Rachel

“My inspiration came from the headpieces themselves. Counterbalanced the hair with the flowers, delicate curls to showcase the headpiece. I used the white one as a halo to mimic an angelic vibe.” – Brianne