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Photography Showcase – Focus on Fire

Photography Showcase – Focus on Fire


Photographer: Norbert Pietraszek
Model: Emelie Kelman
Makeup Artist: Karen Messam
Accessory Designer: Jayne Elizabeth Rossiter Gill
Fashion Designer: Tatiana Smirnova
Hair Stylist: Anne Veck

I’m a Polish photographer currently living and working in the UK. I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet and work with fantastic talented people around Oxford and London. My interest varies, from commercial fashion, hair and beauty photography, where I try to achieve as much as possible perfection and a clear vision of the client to the more experimental and conceptual personal projects, where I can experiment a more and mix different styles to get the desired effect. This one is one of my projectsI was working on for some time. The inspiration for the series was nature it’s mythical four elements. I have always been fascinated by the fire and its power. How it can show a different face, depends on circumstances. It can give you life and protects you. Then it can kill you in the blink of an eye. The highly experienced team behind this editorial let me achieve great results.

Fashion designer Tatiana Smirnova came to London to absorb its vibrant culture and develop her interest in fashion. Being influenced by her upbringing in Russia and the more eclectic London culture, she seeks to create a fusion of futuristic and historical, classical and avant-garde. She is particularly attracted by asymmetry as an approach for drawing attention to the inconsistencies of human nature. Thus, macabre beauty, strong fragility, and innocent nudity are all elements of her work. She aims to create designs which make women appear strong and open-minded while preserving their femininity.

Millinery designer Jayne Elizabeth Millinery delivered bespoke hats. All her designs are crafted in the Oxfordshire studio using traditional millinery techniques.