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Photography Showcase – Eunice X Audi

Photography Showcase – Eunice X Audi


PHOTOGRAPHER: Thomas H P Jerusalem, MUTE Photography
SITE: www.mutephotography.com
INSTAGRAM: @mute_photography

Model: Eunice
INSTAGRAM: @ms.eunice_

It was the end of spring; you know, right before the heat started getting moist and hotter than her. The clouds were finally beginning to roll in, providing at least some protection against the burning sun. After spending a full day in heels, she couldn’t wait to get off her feet after work. She cranked her music up and pushed her audi into drive. Luckily, today’s shoot was only thirty or so minutes away from her high rise apartment in the city.

Lost in the song, she didn’t notice the city streets flying past her until she saw the yellow light transition to red over the peaking sunset. When she came to a stop, a nice car pulled up next to her, with an even nicer looking guy driving it. She was trying to play it cool, not even glancing in his direction, when she noticed out of the corner of her eye that he was watching her, too. His smile began to spread when he realized he had caught her attention.

He honked and said, “’S’cuse me, miss-” with the windows down and the music still going she could barely hear him, so she lowered with manicured nails, “I might have to pull you over, there’s just too much beauty in one car to be legal.”

She laughed, “Is that all you’ve got? You need a little better game than that. You wanna pull me over? Ha! Better catch me first.”

The light turned green and she slammed her foot on the gas, speeding down the street. To her delight, he was right on her tail, but she wasn’t ready to give up that easy; the win was never fun if there wasn’t a challenge before it. She spotted a parking garage to her right and quickly decided that was the best way to throw him off. There was no way he would expect her to take the race off course. She took the turn at the very last second, her tires screeching behind her, and pulled into the garage.

She made it all the way to the top before throwing her car in park. A few seconds later, surprisingly, he pulled up beside her. There was a wide grin on his face as he climbed out of the car, then boldly sauntered over and opened her driver’s side door. He bowed before her, admiting defeat, “So, Ms. Speed Racer, may I have your name?”

Photography Showcase – Eunice X Audi

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