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Photography Showcase – CHEERFUL, HOT and HOMELY

Photography Showcase – CHEERFUL, HOT and HOMELY


Photographer: Dong Kim

Wardrobe Credits:
Hat – HBY Miami, Black/Blue leather jacket – Helmut Lang @helmutlang; Black, Bra – Piege Lingerie; Black/White Stripe Pjs – Victoria’s Secret @vicctoriassecret; Heels – STEVE Madden @stevemadden; Makeup- Nyx Cosmetics @ nyxcosmetics; Hair – Sexy Hair @sexyhair; Location: Toronto

When you are indoors, the desire to get loose, go free and cheerful is so real that it comes naturally. As a lady after stressful outdoor activity, you have to retire to the comfort of your home, where you can strip yourself of the stress and tiredness of the day. In the process we loose all the cloths, take a hot bath and get our body into one of our house-cloth, sometimes forgetting that we need to maintain that “come get me” appearance at the home front more than the outdoors.

How else can a lady stay desirable, hot, classy while chilling at home than to get into some of her magical lingerie? With the right lingerie, a woman’s confidence soars high like an eagle making her the center of attraction both indoor and outdoor.

A firm Piege’s black bra gives a good impression of the breast, bringing out the frontal curve, complimenting the sexy panties. A sexy bra brings out the best of a model’s natural beauty and makes the job of the photographer much easier. With the combination of the sun hat, the shadow from the Hat further adds to the ambiance of Paula’s pretty face giving it that cute feeling, all to the delight of the photographer. Aside from it looking good for indoor wear, it will surely be a very good outfit for a beach walk or some indoor poolside party.

Never knew the blue jacket idea will come out so magnificent like this, I really don’t know where the idea of the blue jacket came from, but it sure did the magic. The royal blue color of the jacket brought more glamour and glitz to the photoshoot. It gives it that touch of royal illumination, coupled with its attractiveness and serenity.

The jacket while on the Paula, help shed some light on the sexy figure brought of the model. The black panties and the bra stood out on her body frame bringing out the essence and beauty of a woman’s body to the admiration of the viewer.

The black and white jacket combination makes the lady very irresistible, calling the attention of all that is around her. The flower in the room and the furniture style give it a cozy and homely ambiance which goes a long way to further enhance the beauty of the picture making it more appealing.

The combined effect of the black and white color of the pajamas and the black bra sends a loud and bold statement about the relaxed and homely nature of the fashion message the picture is trying to send. The picture further highlights a lady’s natural beauty even when its time for bed. The fact that you are home, relaxed or preparing to sleep doesn’t mean you should lose your fashion sense, the beautiful and elegant ambiance around a woman’s appearance and look goes beyond the outdoor moment alone. The summary here is for every woman to the conscious of their fashion culture whenever they are indoors.

All makeup touches were perfectly done by Nyx Cosmetics, I must tell you that she has a magical bound with the brushes, those lovely photo shoot were the handy work of Dong Kim he is used to shooting with beautiful women from all over the world, getting him to take the shot was a dream come true as he is always on a tight and busy schedule. His first-class touch and experience can be seen and felt in all the pictures. The wardrobe of our model was carefully chosen to meet the simple, homely and sexy tone of the shot. The Hat is a product of HBY Miami; the royal blue leather jacket from Helmut Lang brings a touch of elegance and royalty to the shot.