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Photography Showcase – I Want It All

Photography Showcase – I Want It All


Photographer: Lil Safonova
Model: Lil
Makeup Artist: Daria Kukushina

Wardrobe Credits:
LOOK: 1 – Underwear – Woman Secret
LOOKS: 2-6 – Coat – Mango Underwear – Woman Secret
LOOKS: 7-13 – Underwear – Woman Secret

In these photos are self-portraits of the photographer Lil Safonova. Here’s what she says about herself: “I’ve been doing photography since 2010. All this time I actively shoot – I work with magazines, shoot for advertising of well-known companies, I spend a lot of time on planair shootings. I work with the stars, I made a portfolio for many. I shoot around the world, where it’s beautiful . Now I constantly cooperate with a number of foreign publications in the USA, Europe and Asia. I started my career as a model, but I didn’t see a great future and real prospects in it, and I always wanted to create something myself, “not play a role, but write scripts, direct”. In this sense, I am a dominant person, I keep my emotions to myself, but I love and know how to get emotions out of other people, which a good photographer or artist should do. I don’t have a special art education, I have a higher education, but in a different field (I am a geographer), I should have been engaged in science by education and this has remained in the circle of my significant interests. Also in childhood, I worked as a TV reporter, author of my own entertainment program and generally dreamed of a journalist career, then I was involved in directing music videos, casting actors, etc. Once I wrote a song, gifted it to one new band and we shot a video clip, it became crazy popular on the Internet, like my song itself. I am very glad, although not a musician, that I managed to seriously compete with many musicians with this song. As for photography I studied it and learned with other famous photographers, Yan Mcline was my main teacher and my career began only after the birth of my first child, when one significant part of my life came to an end, I went this way.

I always liked talking with people, helping them. This profession has realized me in this, because more and more people go to the photographer to raise their self-esteem, to reveal their personality, in order to be heard, understood, and liberated. I don’t put pressure on people, I can listen and feel the mood of a person, we can talk an hour and shoot only 30 minutes, but it will be amazing as a result. I can shoot in almost any genre, whether it’s a photo shoot of balls for advertising, Fashion or a photo of a newborn baby in a cradle, but, of course, work in the fashion sector and nude are my strengths and favorites. Working with a nude photo is very subtle, it’s like working with a soul. If a human undresses in front of you, then his soul is revealed to you, he wants to be heard. I treat such desires with understanding and respect and, of course, I am able to capture the moment when a person is most beautiful.

So thanks for this interview and I will be happy to work with you

Photography Showcase - I Want It All

Photography Showcase – I Want It All

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