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Photographer Claudia Link & Stylist Martin Spitaler

Photographer Claudia Link & Stylist Martin Spitaler


Clothing Credits:
blazer OUI-SET. cardigan MANGO, pants ZARA., pearl necklace ZARA, gloves STYLISTS OWN, earrings, VINTAGE
little black dress MANGO, pearl necklace ZARA, earrings VINTAGE
transparent blouse H&M, top MANGO, earrings and hairband STYLISTS OWN
dress ZARA, hat & bracelet H&M, earrings and ring MARTIN SPITALER
black jumpsuit ZARA, hat & necklace H&M, bandana VINTAGE
carpet-vest PHILEAS FOGG, feather necklace ZARA, earrings STYLISTS OWN
top with flower print MMC

“Time flies over us, but leaves it shadow behind.”

Its been my second collaboration with Claudia Link, I fell in love with the concept right away. The story was ‘catch the beauty of the last decades and give them a modern twist’. The decades we chose for the beauty shoot were strong and iconic. We tried to catch those iconic vibes in special make-up and hair-styles. All those decades were so inspiring, brought so many new ideas and styles which turned into timeless classics. We all worked really close together to get the perfect result.  Normally in beauty shoots clothes don’t get a lot of attention or should stay in the background. This time the clothes were really important they not just had to underline the make up, they were equal, to get the perfect result. As a stylist you don’t want to just copy a vintage style 1 to 1 you want to create a new look that says 1960’s for example but is 2013. Anna says; “For me, as a makeup artist, it was interesting to show the transformation of makeup trends and how it was imprinted into modern day.”

Starting in the 50’s: the most feminine decade of all. The feminine softness and elegance was finally shown again in fashion, re-defined feminine silhouettes broke into the market today, when we are talking about the old-school hollywood glamour look we are talking about the 50’s. After the war, women where desperate to be luxurious and feminine, they wanted to be Ladies. In that time, colour films made a huge impact on cosmetics. Beauty trends reached completely new levels by using new techniques. New products and colours were invented.  Big, bright red, pink or orange lips. Flick eyeliner. Pastel blue, pink and violet eyeshadows. Sculpted blush in peachy pink shades with a strong arched brow, were typical of the 50’s makeup look. All about being a Lady.

Breaking into the 60’s. There was so much going on in the 60’s which we tried to show in the make-up and styling. For the first time, teenagers became a force in fashion, and different groups and styles were co-existing. The little black dress is just a little left over from the elegant lady of the 50’s,  the other outfits were more graphic going into space age. Anna kept the make-up stronger, the eyes were beautifully high-lighted, the hair more tough. In the 60’s, makeup trends changed completely.  Feminine curves were replaced by petite fragile figures. Think about the fashion icon Twiggy.  It was all about looking very young, almost teenager like. Now instead of the lips, eyes became the focal point. Pale faced „dollybird“ look. Eyes with strong eyeliner, loads of false eyelashes and lips in pale brown and soft pinks.

The 70’s became the revolution period. The time of the hippie and free love. Even men wanted to wear makeup, for example Glam Rock Star David Bowie. When you think about the 70’s, what instantly gets into your mind are a lot of mixed patterns.  We tried to cover the elegant and bohemian style of the 70’s.  Classic pieces that scream 70’s were needed, but had to appear silent and classy. Which worked well with the  Tans that became extremely popular. Blue, green, violet, and brown eyeshadow with shimmer. Lots of shimmer !!! Pressed powder on the face was not used. Because women wanted to achieve that shimmer effect on the skin, as well as on the eyes.
These looks still inspired a lot of fashion designers and makeup artists all over the world. You can see these looks on numerous runway shows today.

Now go through a stream of time and discover the past,  today…

Photography: Claudia Link / http://www.claudialink.ch
Styling: Martin Spitaler / http://www.martinspitaler.com
Hair&Make-Up: Anna Kalashnikova   / http://www.anna-kalashnikova.com
Model: Jana Gallus @Option Models Agency /http://www.option-model.com
Styling Assistant: Nina Alexandra Werner

Photography: Claudia Link
Styling: Martin Spitaler
Hair&Make-Up: Anna Kalashnikova
Model: Jana Gallus @Option Models Agency
Styling Assistant: Nina Alexandra Werner
Text: Martin Spitaler