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Otter Love Photography – Home Grown

Otter Love Photography – Home Grown


Photographer: Madralynn Haye – Otter Love Photography
Female Model: Lauren Lambertson

Outfit one:
White dress – Francesca’s
Shoes – Marshals
Bracelets – Alex and Ani

Outfit two:
Tank Top- Nordstroms
Bralette – Urban Outfitters
Black high waisted shorts – Target
Hat – Target
Choker- Hobby Lobby
Shoes- Nordstrom
Bracelets – Alex and Ani

Outfit three:
Dress – Billabong
Shoes- Nordstrom

You all are seeing my first official modeling shoot. Before my shoot with Otter Love Photography, I had only done shoots with family and friends for school projects, or for fun. Modeling has been something that I was always interested in, but never seemed obtainable until recently. This past year I have lost 20 pounds, and counting; this gave me the boost of confidence I needed to take the first step.

When it comes to my body I would like to get down to a healthy and maintainable weight. My interpretation stems from my dream to compete in a Bikini or Figure bodybuilding competition. Once I have completed I would like to become a fitness model. Before this happens, I needed to get some experience under my belt, leading to this photo shoot.

I had been part of an online group for a while when I finally reached out to be a part of Madralynn Haye’s photo shoot. I never expected to have so much fun. On the way to the shoot, I was nervous, with multiple doubts echoing through my head of why I wasn’t good enough to do this. Mrs. Haye’s and the fellow models I shoot some photos with, BreAnna, Karen, and Malia; Made me feel so comfortable. The whole shoot was filled with stories and goofiness that melted away all my nerves. I’ll admit that I was a bit intimidated to be around such beautiful girls who had all had modeling experience, but my insecurities felt as fast as they came. We got to jump over a creek, walk up and down a small hill, climb a tree, I tripped in a hole in the ground, and BreAnna fell out of the tree more gracefully than I can walk. She just jumped right back up and started shooting again. I always thought that most models just posed in front of a green screen, and am happy to be proven was proven wrong. I hope that in the future was will be able to do more shoots with Otter Love Photography and these amazing woman.

The inspiration for my outfits just stemmed from what I thought someone might wear to a shoot. Most days you can find me in boots and a T-shirt with my hair down, or up in a ball cap. My outfit consisting of the white tank top, black high waisted jean shorts, fedora, choker, and black boot heels stems from the “BoHo” look. Chokers have made a huge comeback, making me wish that I had kept all the one from elementary school. I figured that I would put together an outfit that someone might be seen in around Coachella. Wish mainly consisted of me throwing all these pieces together and hoping that they would look good. Thankfully all the articles of clothing worked together well and looked amazing in the photos.

I decided to wear my white dress and heels because I had worn it to my best friends graduation and received a lot of compliments. I had seen multiple pictures out in the woods of girls in flowing white dresses that looked beautiful. However; since I did not have a long flowy white dress I just designed to wear my form fitting white floral dress and home for the best. My green dress with pink flowers was new. I didn’t know how a green dress with flowers would do in a forest shoot, but I had been waiting for an occasion to wear this dress out. This was a cute flowy dress that I decided to pair with my favorite pair of tan boot heels. I love these shoes and wear them whenever I need to dress out an outfit.

For the shoot, I did my own hair and makeup. I learned how to do my makeup at the M.A.C. counter when I was a sophomore in high school so I wouldn’t have to pay for it for prom. This was one of the best investments I have ever made because I was able to do my own makeup for homecomings, two proms, ball, and now whenever I go out. For my hair, I have been trying to learn and perfect the 50s curls. I have not yet perfect this look, despite the many attempts and countless youtube videos. I have not yet been able to mimic the 50s hair style but in the process, I am able to get really nice bouncy curls.

You can follow my modeling journey on Instagram @Lauren__Kay__.