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Opposition Fashion Editorial

Opposition Fashion Editorial


In this fashion editorial I wanted to focus on the differences of each model. Each look was styled to conflict with the other but also be able to blend well when placed together.

Our first model, Lizzie Norton of the Reinhard modeling and group was styled to be the more luxurious of the two. Lizzie was able to model this role very well and professionally. Each pose was effortlessly transitioned to the next and were held at a moment’s notice. Lizzie required minimal direction as she was able to fully grasp this fashion editorial concept. Her long hair was softly styled in soft beachy waves. I chose to have the eyes of each model in a bold smokey eye. This helped to give the models and looks a sense of similarity throughout the editorial. The makeup foundation was skillfully airbrushed and was able to withstand the warm temperatures of the shoot. Lizzie’s lips were colored nude. To me, this helps the viewer focus on the intensity of the smokey black eyes. The eye makeup color features grey, black and bronze shadows finished with a black liquid liner.

Makeup and Hair was styled by Nancy Caroline. Nancy’s skill as an industry professional is showcased throughout this entire fashion editorial. Many times in between looks, Nancy was on the spot providing touch ups to the makeup. I was going for a natural high beauty look. She was able to pick that up as well as add a creative edge which makes it uniquely her own. The classic curls were left loose to add volume to Lizzie. The second hair style is named “Sexy Punk” by Nancy. This funky look features textured curls with a sexy braid on the side.

Our second model, Kristen Coffey also of the Reinhard modeling and talent group was styled to be the more rebellious and edgy of the two models. Kristen was instructed to maintain a beautiful look with a slight attitude. Her striking poses were the exact opposite of her more sensual counterpart. As always, Kristen did a most excellent job modeling as well as showcasing the unique “Sexy Punk” look and hairstyle. As with Lizzie, her eyes were finished in a bold smokey eye. The eye makeup color features grey, black and bronze shadows finished with a black liquid liner. Kristen’s lips were nude as well with a touch of pink.

Our fashion stylist, Nate Behling was essential in putting together the wardrobe as well as all the styling direction. Nate provided the team with a great wardrobe and all the fresh accessories. His styling expertise broke each set of looks into three categories. The first look of yellow and black dresses were, simple and classic. The second looks of sleeveless tan tops and black bottoms were more elevated and luxurious than the first. Chartreuse and green were made to stand out in the third look which is funkier and fashion oriented. He also matched the models in gold jewelry and accessories consistent throughout the entire editorial.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion editorial as well as I enjoyed putting it together for you. It was made to showcase the beauty of opposites. Being opposites doesn’t necessarily mean you have to conflict. As you walk through life, I encourage you to see the differences in others. Understanding them can help you grow. This can turn into a strength and not be an opposition.


Photography and Concept by: Jamal T Cormier
www.Solidrockphotographyjc.net & www.facebook.com/Solidrockphotographyjc
Hair and Makeup styling by: Nancy Caroline – www.NancyCaroline.com
Fashion styling and wardrobe provide by: Nate Behling – www.NateBehling.com
Models: Kristen Coffey and Lizzie Norton of Reinhard modeling and talent