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Nude Editorial: AD Series

Nude Editorial: AD Series


The future is electric with possibility, and with its promises comes the ambition and anticipation of what surprises it holds for us all.

Model Lynne Dee has always presented herself as a strong, independent female who takes control of her own fate and proudly possesses her sexuality. When AD Series Photography approached her with the idea of metallic body paint and moody lighting, Lynne saw it as an opportunity to bring to life the dichotomy of fierce, unapologetic femininity with delicate, elegant poise.

Shot in Houston, Texas at Muse Studio, the photographs showcase Lynne as a science fiction-inspired goddess from the future. The moody lighting and stark ambiance throw light and shadow back at the camera lens, encouraging audiences to appreciate Lynne’s signature voluptuous curves paired with the shimmering silver coat of paint.

As she fluidly contorted her body into poses inspired by ballet and figure studies, Lynne tried to capture an overall feeling of resilience and independence. Influenced by the idea of a modern-day interpretation of the James Bond girls in ‘Goldfinger’, Lynne’s smoldering intensity shone through as the shutter clicked time and time again.

An experienced model and subject of hundreds of shoots, Lynne brings a confident exuberance to her photographs, showcasing her outgoing attitude and take-no-prisoners approach to life. It was a great pleasure to work with AD Series, who harnessed that strength and extroverted nature and channeled it into a series of images that not only titillate and provoke the audience but call to mind a surreal element of eroticism. Rather than angling for a purely sexual reaction, Lynne’s nudity in the shoot simply heightens the otherworldliness of the body paint she wears; it transforms her into a robotic deity, a futuristic reimagining of the ‘ideal woman’ archetype. Makeup artist Bradley Brown strove to highlight Lynne’s natural body shape with the highlights of the paint while refraining from turning the overall look too matte or contrived. Carefully crafted lighting and calculated framing also helped in this aspect, and the end result was a series of images that presented Lynne as an ethereal, dreamlike statue that appears to be made of living metal.

“I believe that photography is timeless; the image has the ability to stay with someone forever, and you’re putting a piece of art into the world that will always be around to be seen by future audiences; Time frozen in time eternally captured,” Lynne says. She and her photographer strove to create a world that translated that concept of immortality. Lynne was hand-painted for the shoot and as she stood there being brushed with the iridescent paint she thought about statues and their everlasting beauty. She channeled that vibe as she struck her poses, a faraway look in her intense gaze in order to convey the sense of seeing ‘beyond’ what is merely put in front of someone in the present.

She and AD Series discussed the importance of the stark contrast between the dark background and the glimmer of the model’s painted flesh; the result is breathtaking and vibrant and yet the caress of shadows leaves a strong sense of mystery shrouding the images. This subterfuge permeates the vibe of the entire shoot, leaving the audience wondering just what lurks under the mirror-like surface of Lynne’s painted skin, and as a result, what waits just beyond the edge of the frame past what the camera’s unblinking eye can see.

Photographer – AD Series
– Lynne Dee
Makeup Artist
– Bradley Brown
-written by Amanda Rebholz, www.darkroomlament.com