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Nadeja Ouedraogo Fashion Showcase

Nadeja Ouedraogo Fashion Showcase


Fashion model Nadeja Ouedraogo born in Burkina Faso ouest Africa. She moved to New Brunswick and was contacted by photographers in the area who felt that she had extremely good potential for modeling.

She didn’t take it seriously at first, but she realized how good she looked in the while being photographed. Nadeja of the past couple of years shoots for many different Agencies like Orange Model Management in Toronto. She also graduated from the University of New Brunswick and finally decided to move to Toronto and pursue modeling full time. “It was the good decision of my life, I had a chance to work with so many different companies like, WWE, Toronto Raptors, so far and I hope I hope to work with many others”.

Nadeja is very optimistic and hard working, she is also a person who believes so much in God and how he has blessed her life and my career every day.

“I really want to grow as a fashion model and one day see my face on all the billboards either in Toronto or someplace else”

She would love to travel to Japan, Italy, and the UK at some point in her career and do high fashion projects. She doesn’t believe that being a model is the just about being the physical thing it is also to have the discipline, to be flexible and humble enough for learning. Modeling helps me to accept myself because in my culture the beautiful woman is the woman with curves. So for a long time, she didn’t think she was beautiful but getting into the modeling help her to understand that beauty is a subject, and you can be beautiful no matter your size or skin tone. I got more confident and for the first time of my life, I could say I am not curvy but I am beautiful exactly the way that iam.