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Fashion Editorial: Modern Brides

Fashion Editorial: Modern Brides


Written by Jamal Cormier and Rosa Van

In this bridal fashion editorial, I wanted to go for am nontraditional feel. While I love shooting at public venues, I decided to take a more rustic approach with this editorial. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an old and abandoned mansion with a small village nearby. This presented a lot of beautiful and natural backdrops that make this bridal editorial stand out. Our first bridal look is worn by Claire Mahoney and our second bridal look was worn by Kim Diana. Hair and makeup was perfectly done by the wonderful, Rosa Van.

I wanted Claire’s red hair to stand out so I decide to create dramatic, Smokey eyes. I start applying makeup on the eyes first just in case there’s any fallout from the dark eye-shadow. I applied black eyeliner all over the lid and blend it out with a bronzer. Then I set the eyeliner with a black eyeshadow. To pizazz it a tad bit, I added a dark grey metallic eyeshadow just on the lids. I added a few individual eyelash and topped it off with a mascara. I cleaned up the excess eye-shadow under her eyes with a fluffy brush. Now that I am done with the eyes I move forward to the face. Using a toner to hydrate and soften the skin. For long lasting makeup I used a primer all over the face. I applied a peach concealer to only the dark circles. While I let that sit, I started filling in her brows using a brown eye-shadow for a subtle look. Then going to back to the dark circles I use a concealer that matches her skin tone under her eyes and set it with a yellow powder to brighten under the eyes. I sprayed the entire face with airbrush foundation and set it with a light powder. I followed her cheekbones with a bronzer and coral blush on her cheeks. As for her lips, I used a nude pink to balance her dramatic eyes.

For Kim, I decided to go for a retro look because she has short hair. I used a ¾ curling iron with a working spray. I used 3 inch horizontal sections. After I curled everything I brushed her hair so her hair would flow together and create a wave pattern. Then I sprayed the entire head with a firm hold hair spray to lock everything in. I kept Kim’s makeup pretty subtle with a punch of bold lips. As an eye shadow base I used a matte concealer for an even canvas followed with a light, sheer powder. I used a bronze shimmery cream eye-shadow and blended it with a bronzer. I created a feline line with black shadow, lined her low lashes with a dark brown shadow, and added a bight shimmery crème color to her inner tear duct to open up the eyes. I added a few individual lashes along with mascara. Moving on to the face, I start with a toner following with a primer. I used airbrush foundation and set it with a powder. I used more blush than bronzer for a softer romantic look and went a little heavy with the highlight because I wanted her to have a fresh, healthy glow. I lined her lips with a red lip liner and filled her lips with a satin red lipstick and on top I went in with a matte red lipstick. I hope you enjoyed this bridal fashion editorial as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.


Photography by Jamal Cormier – Photographer and Concept
Rosa Van- Hair and Makeup Styling
Models: Claire Mahoney and Kim Dianna
Wardrobe provided by Philly Aids
Philadelphia, PA