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Music Showcase: Megan Landry


EMAIL: megan@landrymusic.ca

I’m an only child. I was a bit of a weird kid (still am). I was always drawn to outlets that allowed me to be expressive which caused some kids to exclude me because it colored me as different. It always stemmed from artistic things that others may not think of as art. I never liked, nor was good at, math and science much because it’s so black and white. Your answer is either right or wrong. I discovered art, music, and writing had thousands of different shades of gray. There was no solid ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ I realized that there’s more to learning than what you get out of right or wrong answers. Music’s helped me through a lot of lonely and rough times. My work tends to be dark because of these experiences and how I filter the world.

Music is a huge part of my life and how I manage my feelings. I’ve been playing piano since I was four, self-taught up to age nine then got lessons, and I wrote my first song when I was 11. I was actually turned down for lessons by the community piano teacher when I was seven. She said I could never learn to play the piano “well”. I had a neurological issue at the time, so I understand why she said it, but it stills bothers me. This is me playing now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nknF4g25sKc Can I play?

Along with music, I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil and creating poetry since I learned how to write. I started using professional design software, Illustrator, and Photoshop when I was around 9 because it was on our computer at home. Around the same age, I started making movies with friends and picked up editing software, iMovie, when I was 14. In 2014 my self-produced music video for “Wallpaper” received a Film Festival award https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNXh0J-8s5Y

I landed my first professional video contract when I was 16 and at 17 I got the best part-time job ever: Assistant to the editor at Mercury Filmworks editing lycas for Disney and Teletoon cartoons. Last summer I started doing videos and photography professionally, mainly for other musicians, as an alternative to finding a job between semesters. Self-employment funds some of my recording and college expenses. It also gives me a lot of flexibility to work on my music because it pays better than what students get and I also get to choose my own hours.

Expressing my views is the entire purpose of being an artist. Making a point, sharing opinions, shaking sense, primping feelings — it’s all part of it. Presently I’m in college studying multi-media and working on my second album. I hope to tour one day, see the world and share my flavor of music.