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Fashion Editorial – Lowlight

Fashion Editorial – Lowlight


Photographer and retoucher: Roberta Tocco
Ph assistant: Harim students
Fashion designer: Antonio Attisano (all looks)
Video Backstage: Samir Kharrat
Model: Daniela by Castdiva Models Management
Makeup and hair artist: Cristina Nicotra

I like very much the Art of painting and the Symbolist period is one of my main inspiration. Poet doesn’t only describe the reality but transmits indefinite impressions, suggests emotions, understands the inner essence of things. I believe that there is a strong connection between photography, painting and poetry, my purpose, in fact, is to communicate this relation through my shots. One of my favorite photographers is Paolo Roversi and he was a strong influence on this work, his style is characterized by the use of the light that is very important and crucial.

Main characters of the photos are women, they wear simple dresses but not obvious. The scene that I wanted to represent was very soft, so I tried to create almost an ethereal situation. The aspect that is emphasized is the use of the colors that are watercolors, with muted tones. For this reason, to create this particular and fairytale situation, at the beginning of my work I photographed and then edited the shots with different effects. The observer perceives the images like an untouchable reality.