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Fashion Editorial: Knock ’em Dead

Fashion Editorial: Knock ’em Dead


Model: Mariana Fernandes
Photographer: Clive Myburgh (clivemyburgh.foliodrop.com)
Stylist: Karlien Labuschagne (www.facebook.com/karlienlabstyle)
Hair & Makeup Artist: Jacqueline Viljoen (www.facebook.com/jacquidniellemakeup)
Photography Assistant: Kyle Drescher (www.facebook.com/kyledrescherphotography)

Knock ’em Dead. I could glamorize this shoot. I could tell you my team and I had it planned out with narratives, themes, symbolism, style and locations, months in advance. Instead, I will tell you the truth. The truth is that sometimes you brainstorm with your team, create mood boards, and pre-prod the shoot to the point where you know where every pin will clip and every fold will fall. And sometimes, despite all that planning, you suddenly hit unforeseen circumstances. The day before your shoot. Sometimes a good shoot isn’t about planning, it’s about adapting.

Knock ’em Dead started when Lauren, a model I had shot with, told me about a friend of hers that she knew I would love to shoot. She was right. Mariana was magnetic in stills and demanded attention. My team and I discussed, brainstormed, and fleshed out a concept, but a little less than 24 hours before the shoot, I received a phone call from Karlien, the stylist. Everything had changed. The concept we had in mind wasn’t going to work.

When you’re starting out and building your photography career, not every clothing store opens their doors and trusts you with their clothing. Those that do have only done so after hard work from the stylist. This means choice is selective, and sometimes, they don’t have what you’re after. Luckily for me, Karlien was her usual brilliant self, thought on her feet, and adapted.

She knew the location we had organized, she remembered the chats we had had about future shoots we would like to do, and she cobbled them together to form a sexy sports luxe theme. She had done her part, and now I had to do mine. I rang Jacqui, the makeup and hair artist, that night and filled her in. She didn’t even stumble. The mood board was updated, ideas took a full 360, and our mindsets changed.

In the end, I believe the shoot worked out the way it was supposed to. The sexy sports luxe theme looked gorgeous on Mariana and she nailed the mood. I maintain that a good production is in pre-production, but when the ground falls away from under your feet, you have to pick yourself up, and with the help of your awesome, knock it out the park.

Shot 1, 2, & 3 – White Jumpsuit by A-List Boutique (www.a-list.biz/), Nude and gold belt by A-List Boutique, Shoes: Stylist’s own
Shot 4, 5, & 6 – Nude crop top by A-List Boutique, Waistcoat by A-List Boutique, White shorts by A-List Boutique, Shoes: Stylist’s own
Shot 7, 8, 9, & 10 – Flared dress with collar by A-List Boutique, Socks: Stylist’s own, Shoes: Stylist’s own