The new rock single is innovative and criticizes social media and the influence that it has on people’s lives and relationships.

After debuting ‘Rollercoaster’ – the first song off his solo album – this past April, singer, and composer Johnny Garso has released ‘Who You Really Are?’ on all digital platforms. Garso’s second single approaches the genre of rock differently, with a more electric and reinforced sound that takes a critical look at the role that social media plays in our society and the lives of young people.

The artist from Aragon, Spain composed this song while traveling in a caravan through California, during which he realized just how “hooked” we are on “digital life”. Garso narrates his own experiences and personal perceptions from the course of this trip, and how they opened his eyes to the true power and influence of social media on our lives and behavior, as well as how they affect us when we present ourselves and interact with others.

“‘Who You Really Are?’ talks about the two sides of human beings in our current society. The first side shows the happiness that I felt throughout this trip along the west coast of the United States, which you can see completely reflected in the rhythm of the song. However, it also tells a story through critical, realistic lyrics about how, and to what extent worlds like Instagram can have an effect on us. They lead us to constantly publicize and share everything that is happening in our lives,” Garso says.

The music video for this song paints a dramatic, sectarian storyline covered by an arid and apocalyptic aesthetic, in which Johnny Garso and actress/model Cecilia Gómez (who plays Eugenia in the show La Peste from Movistar Plus) are protagonists. The video, produced by independent record label, Wolfpack Records, was filmed in various locations throughout the Basque Country and Navarra by the audiovisual producer, Alabama.

David Olariaga, director of the video, remembers that the first time that he heard ‘Who You Really Are?’ a certain conflict arose. They had before themselves the typical summer love story with its drama, but they decided to take a risk and do something different: create a challenge that would be able to paint an image of the impact of social media on personal relationships.

“We wanted to show the “transformation” process that we all go through – of how all of those likes, trends, and influences make us just another number, where we want to be just like the next person, have what he or she has, go where they go. We stop being and feeling in order to become someone that we don’t even know,” states Olariaga.

‘Who You Really Are?’ is the second chapter of a first solo album, recorded and produced by Wolfpack Records and the music producer Joe Marlett in California. The complete album is set to be released at the end of 2019.