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Interview with Fashion Designer Jade Marlin

Interview with Fashion Designer Jade Marlin


Jade Marlin Collection Question

1.Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

Born in the heart of Los Angeles I was surrounded by fashion and early on I was able to develop a deep interest in designing. From there I taught myself to create original works of art. With the help of my mother I developed my designs into one of a kind products. And today can be found at several local retailers. As a designer I believe in creating my designs from scratch and inspiring others to as well. My clothing is creative and an expression in design. Jade collections is “Aspire to Inspire” and we are the present and future.”

2.What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

I love the creative process, coming up with new ideas that people will want to wear and use as an expression of who they are in their daily lives. Presenting my clothing at fashion show events is exciting and gives me a chance to show my brand to the public.

3.What were you inspirations for the designs you created for the Photo shoot?

My inspirations for the photo shoot was to create a mix of business and casual attire. Many pieces can be blended to go from casual to business. Pairing a dress shirt and suit jacket with jeans was an example of a business/casual look, the jacket and dress shirt can also be paired with dress pants for more of a corporate business style.

4.What other publications have you been featured in?

I have been featured in Cliche magazine, One West magazine and on the front Cover of Shimmer magazine.

5.What are your challenges as a fashion designer since there is a lot of competition out there?

There are a lot of great designers out there. For me I incorporate creativity, keep up with the current fashion trends, and try to inspire people with my designs to stand out. Creating new and innovative designs that individuals feel good in and feel good wearing.

6.What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to be known worldwide. Create a brand that is always evolving, introducing new designs that reflect the changing trends and inspire some trends of my own.

7.What can you tell all the readers and inspiring fashion designers who are looking to break into the industry?

I would tell others who are trying to be in this industry to never stop trying and creating new ideas. You have to come up with an idea that stands out from the rest, something that will make people notice you. Keep up with the current trends and believe in yourself, have the confidence to show your brand and to receive criticism.