This shoot was special in its creativity because of the mood that was created that was both popular and poetic. Andy Marx is an original artist and photographer from California, and I am an Italian model and actor. The photo shoot took place in France making the shoot a unique combination. Italy, United States, and France- we created a triple threat!

Our meeting happened by chance when I was doing a photoshoot with a Russian photographer next to the Parisian Quarter, “Le Marais.” Californian photographer Andy Marx saw the photoshoot taking place and snapped a photo of the Russian photographer and myself creating a photographic triangle. Andy approached us after the shoot and handed over his business card. Quickly we made plans for the following day to take some pictures around the city.

Our location of choice was rue Mouffetard in the heart of the Latin Quarter. This long and cobbled street is one of the most characteristic of Paris and also one of the oldest. In fact, at the time of the Romans, it was the road that linked Lutèce in Paris to Rome. We drove along unhurriedly, immersing ourselves fully in the more authentic life of the capital. We walked among the fishmongers, the bakery’s fragrant scents, butchers mixed with coffee and crowded with young people, record stores, from ageries, libraries, wine and vintage shops.

Surrounded by magnificent palaces dating back to the seventeenth and eighteenth century which were richly decorated, rue Mouffetard was our next stop. We were able to admire the unusual and authentic Paris where Ernest Hemingway lived his youth as a writer and to which he returned again and again and dedicated his most beautiful pages.

“There was no other corner of Paris that he loved like this, ruffled trees, white houses painted in the bottom of dark, green bus in the square round, dyeing purple flowers on the sidewalk, the sudden descent of rue Cardinal-Lemoine towards the river and, on the other side, the narrow crowded world of rue Mouffetard…” Ernest Hemingway

Upon leaving the Latin Quarter steps, we reached the Seine and retraced the footsteps where the red of the sunset and the enchanted evening lights plunge. And it is on the Seine among Bateaux Mouches and under bridges that our photographic journey continues. “Besides the branch of the Seine there was the Ile Saint-Louis and its old, tall, beautiful homes…The Island ended pointy pointed like the prow of a ship. Along the river I never felt alone…” Ernest Hemingway.

The final stage was the gracious Place Dauphine located in the west of the Île de la Cité which is a location rich in history and architectural beauty. The square has retained its peaceful atmosphere, thanks to a central position that is hidden to the millions of tourists who pass nearby. André Breton has cited this square in the text Nadja calling it precisely “Sex in Paris” because of the triangular shape, elegance, and privacy.

Model actor : Oscar Putrino http://oscarputrino.com/
Photographer: Andy Marx http://www.andymarx.com
Outfits: jacket and pants : Manuel Ritz / shoes: Cesare Paciotti
Hair style: Sébastien Cox from Space Hair Paris