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Fashion Editorial: Girls night out

Fashion Editorial: Girls night out


Photographer: Catherine Hillary Maroney ( CH Images 607)
Models: Jessica Fredell- Vazquez, & Mindy Visgitus
MUA: Jessica Fredell- Vazquez, Mindy Visgitus
Model: Jessica Fredell- Vazquez


Outfit 1:
Model 1: Jessica Fredell- Vazquez- Silky teal Blue robe, a silky light pink lace two piece sleepwear set by Victoria Secret.
Model 2: Mindy Visgitus– Victoria Secret sleep wear set with grey cotton long sleeve shirt, & plaid pink, black, grey and white pants.

Outfit 2:
Model: Mindy Visgitus– Black see through lace tube top by Express, black pencil skirt by Charlotte Russe with black heels by Charlotte Russe as well.

Outfit 3: Model: Jessica Fredell- Vazquez- Black crop top with pink flowers and coral bow by Charlotte Russe, black yoga shorts unknown maker.

Outfit 4: Model: Jessica Fredell- Vazquez- Navy blue pencil skirt by Old Navy and white lace crop top by Aeropostale with leopard print fur coat unknown maker.

A day at the Hilton Double Tree by Catherine Maroney

C.Hillary: “The three of us are constantly collaborating ideas and working together to build each other up. It all started with Mindy and myself in 2014 when she found me on a modeling site, from then on we built each other for the better and have become really good friends. Then I held an event here in Binghamton NY at The Bundy Museum where models and photographers could come together to meet others and build portfolios and that’s when we met Jessica. From that day on we loved working together building each other and getting new connections.The three of us plan to make it big together and I can’t wait to see what our future holds” “All for one and one for all.”- The Three Musketeers

Mindy Visgitus: “Modeling has been a passion of mine since I was little, my parents introduced me to modeling at age 3. After middle school, I took a break since travel got to be too much and picked it back up after high school. I have been published multiple times walked in runways and have worked with amazing people from all over NY. I love collaborating and making visions a reality. My goal as a model is to bring the imagine the designer or photographer has thought up to life. I realized recently that with all my experience it was time to help others who have a passion for modeling and started working as Hillary’s manager. I help her out on shoots with the newer models in creating amazing work. I also help her with organizing events which include lots of models and photographers. My favorite model work is with cars and would love to someday make that full time. For now, I do local car shows. I also love animals and rescuing them and have done some shoots to help get them adopted. For now, the thrill of meeting and helping out brilliant people is more than fulfilling”.

Jessica Fredell- Vazquez: “I am a freelance model from the Syracuse area. Modeling for the past three years I have been published multiple times in online magazines, print magazines, and book covers. I have also been featured in short films, and music videos, and have walked in multiple fashion shows. Hoping one day to make a career out of modeling, I travel all over New York State, working on various projects to build my name in the professional world. I wouldn’t have been able to follow my dreams without the help and support from my amazing friends and family. Modeling is a something I’ve devoted a huge portion of my life to. But I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences I’ve had for the world.”

A day at the Hilton Double Tree by Catherine Maroney

FASHION EDITORIAL – A day at the Hilton Double Tree

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