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Game of Thrones S5E08 Hardhome Review

Game of Thrones S5E08 Hardhome Review


Written by Christian James

With four completed seasons behind “Game of Thrones,” they have proven to not only be one of HBO’s most entertaining shows, but one of the best shows found on television. With their gripping story line, fascinating characters and incredibly dangerous setting, series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have shown that television can sometimes be better than the theater.

In the latest episode, the eighth episode of the fifth season titled “Hardhome,” finally gave fans what they have been dying to see for the past five years. Not only did Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen finally have a conversation together, but the episode concluded with an epic battle between men and the white walkers.

Although the episode didn’t begin there, first it had to include other characters whose plot has been brewing throughout the past few episodes. Such as Cersi Lannister, who has been rotting away in a dungeon. With the High Sparrow offering her water to confess to her disloyalty to the Gods, only to throw it on the ground when she pleads over and over again that she’s done nothing wrong. Watching her try to drink the water from the filthy ground, as if she’s some sort of wild animal, is something that audiences really need to take in. In the past she has been at the top of the food chain, intimidating and manipulating the people below her in order to stay there. To finally see her dragged to the bottom is satisfying, along with the possibility of the entire Lannister household forced from the Iron Throne.

If only Rob Stark was the one pulling the strings. Instead, the High Sparrow is behind it. While he keeps Cersi shackled to a stone wall, he also holds Queen Margaery and her brother imprisoned in a cell. Two characters who have done nothing wrong according to the morals of the 21 century. In that regard, viewers will tend to route for these characters and thus have a conflicted outlook of the High Sparrow.

The conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys is one of the best scenes within the entire series. With their witty back-and-forth remarks, one might think that their relationship is meant to be. After Tyrion’s brilliant word of advice, Daenerys realized not taking him up on his offer to advise her would be a mistake. This has always been what Tyrion is best at, while he may not be the best with people, ruling them himself is out of the question, but the politics of ruling a kingdom is something he is very familiar with. As the outcast in his family, it seems that Tyrion is finally in a place that he truly belongs. With The Mother of Dragons by his side, it seems that there isn’t anything they can’t accomplish together.

The concluding scene to the episode is another one of the best scenes out of the entire series. At a wildling’s elder meeting, Jon Snow attempts to convince the wildlings to cross the wall and join the Nights Watch in order to defeat the White Walkers. During which they are attacked by nothing other than the White Walkers and their army of zombies. The zombies may have been a little too much, but with everything that exists in the world of “Game of Thrones,” zombies are no surprise. As Jon, his team of other fellow watchers of the night and the wildlings joined together in an epic battle to fight off the White Walkers.

The White Walkers have proven to be the most dangerous part of the show. With nothing capable of penetrating them or their weapons, besides the rare knives made of dragon glass, it will be almost impossible for any army to defeat them. Although as John fought off their leader, doing everything in his power to keep himself from getting killed, he found that his sword could fight off the White Walkers. Striking a similar resemblance to Aragon’s sword in “Lord of the Rings,” which was the only weapon capable of fighting off the Army of the Dead. Whether Jon’s sword is made of dragon glass or has unique abilities is unclear, but the fact of it is, Jon has a sword that will only help him to become the leader he deserves to be.

Although the sword was a crucial part of the episode, the last few seconds gives Jon the understanding that even with his sword, the White Walkers cannot be defeated. As he escapes the battle, and looks back at all of the men who died durin, he watches as they all rise to the leader of the White Walkers’ command. Instantly becoming one of the zombies within their army. Meaning that no matter how many men are thrown to fight the White Walkers’army, those who are killed will only begin fighting for them. As the war goes on, the number of men will decrease and the number of zombies will increase.

In the end, this episode was the perfect example to how amazing a four-and-a-half season build up can be. Fans have been teased over and over with the march of the White Walkers, and finally they have reached a close enough point to the wall that a war is beginning. With only two episodes left in the season, and the extremely enjoyable past few episodes, viewers can be expecting for the wrap up of season five to be the best one yet.