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Game of Thrones S5E07 “The Gift”

Game of Thrones S5E07 “The Gift”


Written by Christian James

Last week’s episode of “Game of Thrones” sunk the show into a pit with the worst episode in the series’ history. This week, HBO released the seventh episode of the fifth season titled “The Gift” and it completely redeemed the show with what is so far the most exciting episode this season. They managed to stir up so many events that will take them into the step towards finishing this season with a high note.

Taking audiences back to Sansa almost right away, allowing them to see the aftermath and emotional toll that the ending of the prior episode, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” took on her. Locked in her bedroom during the day, and forced into sexual intercourse with Ramsay Bolton during the night. Bruises were running up her entire arm and the first chance she was given to beg someone for help, she took it. Even in an unlikely person, Reek, previously known as Theon Greyjoy, who has been said to kill members of Sansa’s own family. Despite that, she asked him to warn her family’s friends in the North that she needs help. He agreed to go along with the plan, finally showing an ounce of Theon that may still be inside of him. That was until he brought the warning directly to Ramsay, showing his loyalty to the bad guys, placing Sansa in even more danger, and lastly, officially proving to the audience that Theon is dead and Reek has completely taken over.

As Sansa becomes Ramsay’s victim in Winterfell, Jon Snow begins placing the pieces together to find an army to help take back the north. He leaves Castle Black to travel with one of the imprisoned Wildlings to find a group of them beyond the wall that would be strong enough to help Lord Stannis take back Winterfell from the Bolton family. When doing this, Jon left his best friend, Sam, alone at Castle Back to care for his lover, Gilly. As Sam attempted to care for her, they were both attacked by some fellow watchers of the night who wanted to use Gilly to satisfy their own needs. As Sam showed his bravery by sticking up for her, they repeatedly began to beat on him. Mocking everything he has claimed to do, such as killing a White Walker. Then out of nowhere, Jon’s direwolf named Ghost appeared in the doorway and began growling at the two men who attacked Sam and Gilly. Ghost hasn’t been in the show for a long time, for him to appear in that moment to help Jon’s friend and the nicest character in the show was near perfect.

Last week, it was upsetting when Tyrion was released from shackles, only to be captured and chained back up moments later. While he and Jorah were sold as fighting slaves, they were finally able to meet up with Daenerys Targaryen. Jorah knew that Daenerys was against the killing within the fighting pits, so he continued to fight in them, but only to knock out his opponents, with the thoughts to give her a good impression. Which he did, but due to their past complications, when he removed his mask to reveal who he was she immediately told the guards to remove him from her sight. Right at that moment Tyrion busted out to reveal himself as “the gift” that Jorah brought for her. Giving her his name as a Targaryen and watching as the interest poured onto Daenery’s face. After almost an entire season of waiting for this to happen, it’s incredibly satisfying to know that audiences will get the chance to see some interaction between Daenery and Tyrion before the season is over.

Although the entire episode was exciting, the most excitement came from Kings Landing. A conversation between Petyr Baelish and Olenna Tyrell revealing that they both may have been involved with the murder of King Joffrey during The Purple Wedding. Although they never spoke his name, Olenna mentioned that together they killed a king. At the moment, those hints are pointing directly to Joffrey. However, fans need to keep in mind that the writers behind “Game of Thrones” are often very tricky, and even if they were behind Joffrey’s murder, nothing was ever said that they were the only people involved. More information on that mystery could be ahead.

The current King, Tommen Baratheon, finally showed some character development as he began a hunger strike due to the arresting of his wife in the previous episode. He then proceeded to yell at his mother, Cersi, telling her that he will gather an army to release her if he has to. Cersi explained to him how a war would only get the queen killed and that she’ll speak with the man in charge of her imprisonment, the High Sparrow. Tommen, having no idea that his mom is actually behind the arrest of his wife, agrees to this. While this whole time Cersi has entrusted the High Sparrow as a corrupt ally who is doing her dirty work for her, he has actually been waiting for his moment. As she speaks with him of the future of the queen’s trial, he reveals that a witness has come forth that is willing to testify to the breaking of multiple laws by Cersi. Within the last few seconds of the episode, Cersi is thrown into a prison cell.

“The Gift” was easily the best episode of the season. Unlike the previous episodes of the season, it added so many twists that the audience wouldn’t have seen coming. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who developed the show for television, finally brought the show back to the level that fans loved. With only three more episodes in the fifth season, it is very exciting to see the direction that Benioff and Weiss plan to send the show into.