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Game of Thrones: S5 E09 “The Dance of the Dragons”

Game of Thrones: S5 E09 “The Dance of the Dragons”


Written by Christian James

Stannis Baratheon is not a good man, and he never has been. The reaction to Stannis’ decision to sacrifice his own daughter in order to please the Lord of Light is similar to that of what happened to Sansa at the end of episode 6. The showrunners have once again ventured away from the books written by George R.R. Martin and because of their changes they have drastically changed a few characters.

With no food and a cold winter approaching, Stannis’ army marching to Winterfell began to fall apart. So he made the choice to burn his own daughter at the stake in order to give Melisandre the power she needs to help keep his army moving. Although his decision was a shocking one, Stannis has never deserved the likings of anyone. In fact, he killed his own brother, a man he grew up with, because he stood in the way of Stannis’ need for power. It’s true that this was a long time ago, but Stannis has always been a terrible man, it’s just not always clear until he goes off and kills an innocent person who is supposed to be dear to him.

While Stannis may have always been a bad man, audiences have seen the good within him. Such as the story he told his daughter of when she was outcast due to her greyscale. While everyone said she should be sent away to live with the stone-men, he kept her with him and found a way to cure her. This story showed the love he had for his daughter, and for him to just throw it away by murdering her is dreadful. It only goes to show that Stannis would kill everyone around him if it meant taking the Iron Throne.

While Stannis shocked fans of the show, the most exciting and thrilling moment took place with Daenerys in the fighting pit. Jorah once again returned to Meereen to fight in front of the Mother of Dragons in what looked more like a coliseum rather than a pit. It took him a few tries to eventually triumph over the other “free” fighters and hopefully win the approval of Daenerys. Even with her look of dismay as their eyes met, she was given no choice but to accept his offer of protection after he threw a spear into the heart of a Son of Harpy who was attempting to sneak up behind her. Leading into a swarm of the gold-masked rebels viciously attacking and killing dozens of people throughout the audience.

As Daenerys attempted to flee to safety, with the help of her council which now included Jorah, a large group of the Sons of Harpy surrounded them. For the first time ever in “Game of Thrones” history, there was a moment of sadness at the realization that Daenerys, Daario, Jorah and Tyrion could possibly be killed at the same time. Or at least that was until one of Daenerys’ dragon, Drogon, flew into the scene and began attacking the Sons of Harpy. Setting them on fire with a puff of his breath, and tearing them apart with his teeth, it was the type of gruesome scene that “Game of Thrones” is well known for.

As the Sons of Harpy attempted to fight off Drogon by throwing a few spears in his side, Daenerys climbed onto his back and they both flew away. Allowing Daenerys to finally come to the realization that her babies will protect her and if she wants to rule all of Westeros, she’ll need to learn that they can’t be locked away in a cave. While she may have gotten away from the attack without a scratch, one may be curious to what happens to those by her side during this incident. If anything, the Sons of Harpy have proven that they are not the type to just give up on their mission the moment something goes astray. In fact, it would only make sense that they slaughter anyone who is close to Daenerys. Highly outnumbered, the fate of Daario, Jorah and Tyrion should be very questionable.

As the next episode will be the season finale, last Sunday’s episode “The Dance of Dragons” did not spend much time with the other characters. Jon Snow was briefly shown passing through the wall with the wildlings and a large giant marching behind him. In the city of Dorne, Prince Doran agrees to free Jamie and Bronn, as well as allow them to take Myrcella and Prince Trystane back to Kings Landing. While Doran exclaims that he has come to this decision in order to prevent a war, his hate for the Lannister family is still inside of him. He may not want a war right now, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see one come later. Lastly, we were given a look at Arya as she attempted to complete her first assassination by poisoning the “Thin Man.” During which she became distracted by Meryn Trant, who was the king’s guard for Joffrey, behind the arrest of her father and the hand behind the sword that killed Arya’s mentor, Sirio Forel.

The characters who were given little to no time can be expected to have a further role throughout the season finale. Dealing with the drama throughout Kings Landing, Sansa in Winterfell and Jon as he’ll have a big decision to make. Ten episodes per season is never enough for “Game of Thrones,” but as always, fans can be expecting quite an exciting season finale