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Find the Right MakeUp Remover for You By Olivia Gudaniec

Find the Right MakeUp Remover for You By Olivia Gudaniec


Love applying and experimenting with makeup? At the end of the day, your skin care regime should not be a burden to remove. It is very easy to get sucked into paying hundreds of dollars on makeup merchandise, trust me I have spent the money and assessed many brands. So how can one possibly choose which products give you the most value for your dollar and the best results for your face? What do I look for when choosing a makeup remover? Ideally I would like to do it in one step. No fussing around. I am quite tired when arriving home from work and my makeup must come off immediately. Believe it or not, there are a few items you already have at home that can assist you with your beauty routine. Here are my top four Olivia approved methods to remove your makeup- all under twenty-five dollars.

Please keep in mind that I have in no way been encouraged or endorsed by any of the items listed below. There are also other alternatives that I did not mention, I am merely exploring these options and recording the results.

Petroleum Jelly
1. Vaseline has been a reliable brand and I always have a tube nearby. I can safely say that it has proven to be a valuable beauty necessity. At first when my aunt told me that I could use it remove my eye makeup, I cringed. Then curiosity struck me. Why not give it a go? Years later, I refuse to part without it. Most commonly, the Vaseline comes out whenever I am applying eye makeup and I get some excess mascara on my lids or screw up with my eyeliner. How do I go about this without creating a bigger mess? By grabbing a cotton swab. Scoop up some petroleum jelly sparingly and target the problem area gently, the pigment comes off just as easily as it went on. This inexpensive option is readily available in a number of sizes at every drugstore, supermarket and beauty supply store. Most households already own a container and petroleum jelly can be purchased for fraction of the price of regular cosmetics. The costs vary between five to ten dollars. Worse case scenario, if you buy it try it out and decide it is not for you, then rest assured that there are a hundred other purposes that petroleum jelly can be used for. For instance: I also use it on dry skin spots, as lip gloss, tames my eyebrows, can be used to soften cuticles and the list continues. In addition, vaseline.us declares that it also: “protects your skin from windburn and chapping… it’s gentle on your skin (hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic), reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines, and helps protect minor scrapes and burns” (2015). I say this a product worth keeping around.

On the other hand, there have been a number of articles that caution the use of Vaseline around the eye area. They claim it can clog tear ducts and trap dirt and bacteria if not removed well. I personally have not had an issue and I use it quite often. Nevertheless, I am also very careful to the extent that if I use a bit more I am sure to rinse the Vaseline off completely before going to bed. Consequently, if you do decide to welcome petroleum jelly into your beauty regime, use it sparingly as you only need a touch to get the job done.

Liquid Makeup Remover
2. Liquid makeup solution is another alternative to remove excess makeup. Along with the soft touch cotton pads you need to purchase in addition to the product, I found that I was using a lot more of the bottle and at a rapid pace. Many brands irritated my eyes as well. In spite of this, the Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover from The Body Shop was quite calming and the most effective, especially removing my tough waterproof mascara. In general, I have found that liquid makeup bottles are not recommended for those who are clumsy as the lids are either hard to open or have too much of an opening. In my opinion, it is a constant battle getting out the right amount. Want to spend even less then the ten dollars on commercial makeup remover liquid? Have some olive oil at home? Although I have found it too greasy for my liking, it seems to work for many of my peers. Give it a try, just remember to rinse your face thoroughly after!

Facial Towelettes
3. Have a busy lifestyle and want to refresh or redo your makeup throughout the day? Travelling and want a quick fix? Facial towelettes are your best tool when you are out and about.

Most brands provide a toner, cleanser and a makeup remover all in one wipe. But read the label to verify that you are in fact buying a makeup remover and not just a cleansing cloth, as I have come close a few too many times. For at least ten years, I have been using pre-moistened towelettes. Everything from Lise Watier, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, MAC, Ole Henriksen, Pond’s and I have even tried packs from the dollar store. Funny enough, I went the extra mile to conserve and extend the life of my purchase by cutting the cloths in half. I was able to get away with it due to the fact that I do not wear much foundation. Unfortunately, what you cannot get away from are the prices. Depending on the brand, all of these facial towelettes ranged from three to twenty-five dollars. Consider buying them in bulk to save money or look for items on sale. My favorite by far are the wet Lise Watier wipes. I use them daily on set, at photoshoots and occasionally at home. They work exceptionally well with my complexion removing all traces of dirt, makeup and most importantly, oil. With the other brand of wipes, I found I woke up in the morning with an excess amount of mascara residue underneath my eyes. Also with time, I realized that the drugstore brand of towelettes were not lasting, they were drying out! As a result, I needed to add water to keep the second half of my unused wipes moist. Sealing up your makeup remover properly has never been more important.
Want a cheaper alternative to the commercial pre-moistened wipes? Baby wipes are quite commonly used, but with the waterproof makeup I wear they did not do the job as quickly as the specialized towelettes did. If you are on a strict budget, I would recommend a cotton ball and Vaseline before I would reach for the baby wipes.

Coconut Oil
4. There has been a recent craze over coconut oil. It’s dual, triple, quadruple, quintuple- oh you get the idea- multi purpose product has North American’s consuming, purchasing and applying coconut oil anywhere and everywhere. Lately, I have even heard people use it to remove makeup, so I decided to put the gentle power of coconut oil to the test. On a daily basis, my makeup routine consists of concealer under the eyes (and for blemishes), lipstick to accentuate my full lips and a good dosage of waterproof mascara to highlight my luscious, long, lashes. Furthermore, not only are many behind coconut oil due to its natural ingredients but in an interesting read via allure.com by Elizabeth Siegel, I read that: “Coconut oil solubilizes or breaks up water-resistant substances used in eye shadow and mascara, releasing them from the skin and lashes…And unlike a lot of traditional eye-makeup removers, it’ll even leave your skin softer and younger-looking” (2015). My target area was that the waterproof mascara I was using, was not coming off as quickly as I would have liked it too. As a result, I was tugging harder, using more product and reaching for alternatives to assist in the process. In my frustration, I discovered a natural method, one that is extremely gentle, yet effective…via coconut oil. I bought a bulk container for twenty dollars, stored it in a room temperature cupboard and so far I have only used a quarter of it during the past year. It is safe to say that my personal results were accurate with what I researched on the item. However, what I did notice due to the heavy density of oil was that my vision was blurring when I got a bit in my eyes. That is why: “Avoiding oil-free removers means you don’t have to worry about experiencing cloudy vision after you swipe away your mascara, liner, and shadow” (refinery29.com, 2015). It is definitely something I will store nearby in the future but I found that my Lise Watier makeup towelettes and even the petroleum jelly are my preferred products.

Overall, I believe it comes down to preference, your needs and how much you are willing to spend. For obvious health and safety reasons, makeup remover is a necessity. If you are like me and wear waterproof mascara, either seek out a remover that is designed to dissolve that long lasting durable makeup or if you are using an at-home product be aware that you will need more patience so you do not rub and tug on those precious eyes. At the end of the day your skin wants to breathe. If I can advise one thing for my readers, it is to not skip your nightly routine- no matter how exhausted you may be. It is just not worth the breakouts. Eliminating the bacteria that has been collecting on your face all day just takes a minute or two at most to remove and your skin will be thankful. If you run out of your usual makeup remover, know that you can reach into your cupboards for petroleum jelly, coconut oil, olive oil and even baby wipes. We have a plethora of options and should take advantage of them.

Can I push my luck and ask you to moisture as well? If you happen to have a few extra seconds at the end of your night and are feeling proactive, apply a light moisturizer. Your face needs it as the application and removal of makeup will dry your skin out.

© 2015 Olivia Gudaniec

Model: Olivia Gudaniec
Photographer: Samantha Hurley
Hair: Maryanne Costa
Photo by: Dalia Gudaniec