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Fashion Editorials: Quarries

Fashion Editorials: Quarries



Models: Kasia Owczarek Spot Managemen & Klaudia Zakrzewska Spot Management
Photographer: Marcin Gromulski
Makeup: Joanna Głowacka
Hair: Aleksandra Mentel

LOOK1 – Body suit: vintage, Skirt: Gosia Motas, Jewelry: Duras Design
LOOK2 – Dress: Papavero, Jewelry: Duras Design
LOOK3 – Dress: Gosia Motas
LOOK4 – Body suit&skirt: Tirith Designer, Tiara: Duras Design, Shoes: vintage
LOOK5 – Dress: Gosia Motas
LOOK6 – Dress: Mimo

A quarry is a place where stones, rocks, etc. are being extracted from the ground. Sounds hard and strong? Nevertheless, these were quarries located somewhere in the Lower Silesian District in Poland, that inspired us to organize another editorial photo shoot.

This place can be described as simply breathtaking. With its hardness on one side and its peace and stillness on the other, this area makes you speechless at the beginning, and later, it does not allow you to forget about it. When we first saw this location, we immediately felt that this place has to be shown to people. The images of the outfits, hairstyles, and possible makeup appeared in front of our eyes straight away. From the beginning, we were aware of the fact that this location could be very demanding. The challenge that we put in front of ourselves was to present our stylizations in a way that they fit the scenery and, and at the same time, they are not eclipsed by it.

While taking photos, we followed the assumptions that had appeared in our heads at the beginning. We had chosen noticeable, evident and rather heavy outfits. We decided to add definitely rich and massive jewelry. ‘Big’ hairstyles and strong makeup were supposed to make the models look powerful and mysterious. The pictures and our feelings after the photo shoot are very positive till today.

In our opinion, the challenge that we put in front of ourselves has been totally completed. It can be easily seen in the pictures that models, outfits, hair, and makeup create amazing unity with the quarries. They complete each other, and they are both equally important in the pictures. Moreover, except amazing editorial, our second positive outcome after this photo shoot is connected with all the amazing feelings that were accompanying us during the whole work. This place is filled with peace and calmness. After being in this area, our souls were given a lot of energy and that inspired us to start thinking about next projects.