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Fashion Editorial: Contumax

Fashion Editorial: Contumax


Photographer: Anna Grewelding // seventeenstudios
Model: Lisa Vloeberghs
H&M: Tugba D. The Beauty Face
Designer: Alexandra Amk
Retouch: Anna Grewelding // seventeenstudios

The final shoot idea for our series Contumax developed in the course of the shoot planning.  The name fit the idea we had and then we started looking for a suitable designer and the perfect model. Tugba (The Beauty Face, makeup artist and hair stylist) and I (people photographer) started the shoot planning by collecting visual ideas and trying to develop them. We found the location by accident, but it was the perfect place for our new project. It was not a nature landscape, but rather a desert-like construction site, which made the model stand out and look immaculate and a bit random. Her outfits had to fit naturally to the location in natural tones.

On the day of the shooting, the crew consisted of four people. We selected our model, Lisa V. because her facial expressions and gestures fit perfectly our shoot idea. She also had a lot of experience in fashion shooting on an international level. Tugba, The Beauty Face, was responsible for Lisa’s styling. He brought his ten-year experience on an international level into the makeup design. Our designer Alexandra designed the clothes to match our theme. She used mainly viscose fabric because it clings softly to the body. Another combination is a lace top, which has a clean look, and simple swim shorts. The last combination is very risky since it is difficult to combine single pattern garments. We used a top ensemble of shorts and a waistcoat.

As a photographer, I have worked with many different models, makeup artists, stylists and designers for a year and a half. My experiences at shows and advertising shootings came in handy in this shoot of Lisa since very different poses were introduced. It was important to capture them perfectly.

For the makeup, we opted again for very specific characteristics. Our concept was to start and then get stronger and straighter with soft but flawless makeup. We matched the color of the lips and nails to the tones of the environment, like for example the rusty steel beams of the gravel pit. As far as the hairstyle, we have remained true to the concept of having strong contrast between waves and a romantic braid.

The screen layout during the shoot was designed according to the category dynamics – free and perfect. It was not challenging for Lisa to shoot in this location because her facial expressions and gestures easily matched the location and the subject.

In the image processing, we decided on a somewhat summery mood to match the location, which had a desert background. We had color combinations of yellowish blue in the sky and bluish black in the depths, which gives this series a unique feel and a recognition value.

Article by Anna Grewelding, Wittlich

Couture: amk-pure-fashion
Shoes ( Bullboxer )
Fransenshirt /Short (Zara)
Location: Kieswerk