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Fashion Editorial: Whispering Rhodes

Fashion Editorial: Whispering Rhodes



I would refer my photography the same, I’m not drawn to the “LABEL” but more to the creativity of the shoot. About the story I can portray within the shoot. The expressions of the poses, the facial expressions, collaborating with the whole team, were collaborating the whole picture with the style of the clothing and the eccentric makeup.

The pose, twisted and contorted body, strong core and the right tilt of the head, gives me the reason to push the button on the camera. I would rather plan a photo shoot that is way out of the box, rather in an immersive state of between two worlds. Creativity and the hunt, planning the shoot to the brief, hunting for the right style, clothing, model, location, hair and makeup artist. Releasing those endorphin, like dark chocolate and spicy food, being in a positive state has a significant impact on the final outcome. The creativity motivates you to take action towards your goals, desires and needs, and gives you a surge of reinforcing pleasure when achieving them.

A lot of my photography is a story about my life in some sense of form, from the fantastic photo shoot with Valentina Pintus and Katie Sharp, featured in Solis Online, 2015, “Memoirs of Degas” reflects how and what we see in the world of fashion and art. It explains the passion and eccentric part of our personality. This was more of a shoot of “who’ll let me do what I want” without saying, “omg you are so weird”, no not weird, just and expression of one’s self.

This photo shoot was collaboration between two artists wanting to do what they wanted to do. Finding a dress but not any dress a dress, a wedding dress. Who would give you a wedding dress and left you paint it. I don’t want just a normal dress; I want something that gives the statement of “look”. The dress is painted with Australian native flowers and folk art flowers. Silk flowers sewn onto the gown and the Chantilly Lace painted gold.

I was not happy, I needed to go that bit further, and silk butterflies and colored buttons were also sewn on the gown. Rich and vibrant colors were painted onto the bodice and the long train. This dress against the brightly colored blooms of the Rhododendrons was magnificent.

I did not want the normal pretty makeup of a bride but an Avant-garde, out of the box look. The plan was a white airbrushed look with dark eyes, pink cheeks and hair pulled up in an old fashion shawl. I wanted to tell the story of hiding under a shell, portraying two different looks. We cannot hide forever; we can only hide the truth for so long until there becomes a crack. A crack in the foundation of the story we have told for so long.

Like the story of the famous piano player, “Liberace” throughout his entire life and career, he publicly denied his homosexual orientation. In which after his death, stories were told of his many sexual relations with a lot of man, every night of the week. Riverside County Coroner ordered an official autopsy to determine his cause of death. The coroner confirmed that yes he died from cytomegalovirus (CMV) pneumonia as a result of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Whether you are short, tall, skinny, fat, gay or straight, we are all individuals and we should just be ourselves no matter what we are or trying to hide.

The final hunt and puzzle piece has to fit in with the dress, model and makeup. I felt a studio would not give the story I was trying to tell but a lush, dark and green forest would. We all decided on the Gardens of the Dandenongs. The Dandenong Ranges National Park. The lush haven of the hidden delights in the Dandenongs Ranges, secret fern glades, towering forests, crystal gullies and misty mountains and burst of vibrant colorfully flowers. All this added the magical backdrop created the vibe needed.

Whispering Rhododendrons


Model: Nadiya Ekanayake
HMUA: Lyndsey Ann Moody
Photographer: Belinda Matheson Photography

Artwork on dress by Belinda Matheson & Brett Green