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Fashion Editorial: Whispers of the City

Fashion Editorial: Whispers of the City


My name is Goizane Jayo, I’m the photographer of this photo shoot. Saioa Zabala as a make-up artist and hair stylist together with Naia Ibrain as her assistant, Nora, the fantastic model and the siblings Gorka and Aitor, creators of the brand Antxia, were all part of my team. This shoot came out after having seen Antxia’s collection on the catwalk. I thought that it would be a great idea to arrange a session where their clothes were the protagonists. I was transported by each design to a futuristic world which I wanted to oppose with an abandoned setting. Although I focus on the clothing on all occasions, I always try to create a slight tension between the settings and the clothes in my shoots.

On the one hand, regarding the make-up, we were looking for something different and in fact, we got it with the use of brilliant-cut-diamonds and a sort of dotted eye mask. On the other hand, although, the three hairstyles were laborious we wanted them to be elegant and relaxed at the same time.

Goizane Jayo started studying Graphic Design without really knowing her final aim. One of the subjects was Photography and from that moment on the adventure began. When she finished her studies she decided to go to London for a year to try her luck as Graphic Designer but once she arrived in there she saw herself involved in photo shoots as an assistant or second photographer. It was at that point when with a little idea of photography and organization she decided to attempt fashion photography. Things went well and the shoots began to be published in printed and online magazines.
When she came back to Bilbao she went on working as a Fashion Photographer with new designers, models and stylists.

She feels very lucky to be able to count on the great professional, Saioa Zabala, as the make-up artist and hair stylist in her shoots. They first met because they had some friends in common and they worked so well together the first time that they have kept on collaborating up till now.  “It is very easy to work with her, she’s got really good ideas, she helps me a lot and she feels the sessions with the same joy, enthusiasm and emotion as me.”

These wonderful images have been the result of the effort, the passion and the hope that this amazing team we form, had in this project. ANTXIA is a brand of clothing founded in 2014 by young designers and siblings Gorka (19) and Aitor Antxia (24), from Bilbao. Still as students they have been awarded in several fashion contests like Getxo Moda or Bilbao International Art & Fashion. They like to define their own style as a mix between freshness and simplicity, being receptive to trends in creating their collections. Manhattan, their collection for Fall/Winter 2014-15, is innovative but sophisticated at the same time.

They were inspired by New York street style for this collection in particular, combining the Upper East Side aesthetics in regards to dresses, shirts, trousers and high-heeled shoes, with an urban styling in caps and over-sized garments, as well as Tote-bags and pockets. Moreover, they have also taken the New York Giants uniform as a reference, as it can be seen in tricolor strips. And as muse, Debbie Harry, lead singer of the Group Blondie and generational icon who represents an impossible blend of both chic and relaxed appearance. Without the slightest doubt, ANTXIA offers us renovated codes so as to wade in this fall/winter season.

Photographer: Goizane Jayo
Model: Nora Paz ( Thinking+2 producciones)
Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist: Saioa Zabala
Wardrobe: Antxia
Photographer assistant: Naia Ibrain