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Fashion Editorial: Warming up with Coffee

Fashion Editorial: Warming up with Coffee



Models: Gabija Guzauskaite , http://www.officialgabija.com
Make-Up and Hair: Melissa Ann
Stylist: Rose Mae Turner
Photographer: Thomas H P Jerusalem, A-MOMENT-IN-TIME.COM Photography, http://www.a-moment-in-time.com, IG: @amomentintimephotography
Location: Arcedium Coffeehouse, St Charles, IL USA, http://www.arcedium.com

Rose Mae Turner

“Advanced, supreme, sophisticated… She’s a modern woman, someone to be desired. Fashionable and admired more than she even knows. She’s established with such fashionable finesse that harbors a sensibility.” At least that is how her closest friends would describe her…

Having a taste for the finer things in life, she goes the extra mile just to look impeccable. Royalty is a word that comes to mind. And, she was always hoping to cross paths with someone important. Today she is out to look her best and confidently feels that this is her year. Places to go, strangers to befriend, suddenly she feels so inspired. A slight chill is in the air. She buttons up her long coat and reaches for her faux fur muff, hat and scarf as she dashes out the door in her stilettos and flags down a taxi. It screeches to a halt at the light.

She doesn’t know it, but she has many admirers. The eyes of the people in the lobby of her building, the wedding party passing by in the limo, and the college coeds in the popular restaurant across the way…. are captivated.

Such a city girl…. Snow begins to fall all around her and she stares out the window of the taxi. Snowflakes hit the window and her eyes zero in on them noticing their unique shapes and texture. She sees prep school girls catching snowflakes on their tongues, giggling and joking with one another. Central Park looks picturesque in winter and she knows that this image is so memorable, that it will be imprinted forever in her brain.

Leaving the taxi, she makes her way to a vintage looking table in the backroom of a dimly lit hotel cafe and waits to meet her friend for a late-afternoon coffee. The delicious scent of chocolate, mulberry, and cinnamon travel through the air as she inhales and breathes it all in. She is early, of course, but that doesn’t bother her. She pulls out a yellow book and begins to read inspiring excerpts, pausing to fully imagine each character. She thinks of how nice it is to have a moment of leisure in a city that is always rushing.

Discovering a beautiful hand-lettered menu on the table, she looks up from her book and gives it all of her attention. Her hand pauses upon each beautifully written description. Detailed gold leaflet floral designs overlapping Old English text, the menu was pretty extraordinary with not a scuff in sight. After ordering her favorite drink, she catches a glimpse as the talented baristas make it.

Her coffee arrives in a deep and heavy mug, picturesque and fit for a queen. The intricate latte-art details make her hesitate to drink it. Finally, she delicately sips her latte as she warms up… and smiles peacefully knowing that this city is finally feeling like home.

This could be her regular café, she thinks. An experience is what the place gives her. It goes beyond just the coffee itself. The ambiance is quite charming. It seems to welcome her back again and again. Smiling softly and daydreaming of what her life will be, she takes another sip. Her berry tinted lips so bright and stunning, her friend waves as he spots her through the glass window….

She savors each drop like each moment in time. With coffee… the world is at her fingertips and she yearns to be able to make it hers. With every sip, she gains so much clarity and confidence. The rich taste of coffee is significantly forever memorable.

LOOK1 – Sweater: Vintage FIA Italia Hand Loomed, Jacket: Vintage ESCADA Margaretha Ley, Tank: Bebe, Necklace: Locked And Layered, Denim: KanCan USA, Bag: Furla
LOOK2 – Top: Production Mode, Skirt: Production Mode, Necklace: Locked And Layered, Shoes: BCBG Max Azria, Laces: American Apparel, Long Jacket: Vintage Adolfo New York
LOOK3 – Jacket: Vintage Calvin Klein, Swimsuit: Rosina~Mae, Skirt: American Apparel, Jewelry: Locked And Layered, Bag: Stylist’s Own, Shoes: Model’s Own
LOOK4 – Sweater: Maison Martin Margiela, Necklace: Locked And Layered Glasses, Bag, Clogs: Vintage, Skirt: Benetton