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Fashion Editorial: Throwback

Fashion Editorial: Throwback



  • Photographer: Aleksandra Osuchowska
  • Stylist: Karolina Kossakowska
  • make-up artist: Bartek Osowczyk
  • hair stylist: Fi Frydel model: Killa Rioja
  • nails: Karolina Kehl
  • jewelry tattoos: Bizutattoo

#throwback is an editorial inspired by the past. Both photographer and stylist are 90’s kids, so the story is based on their personal experience. They were both wearing shapeless denim dresses, baggy tracksuits and oversize shirts. So when it came to style this editorial we wanted to add our personal temper. Not only was the past main inspiration for this fashion story. The mood board embraced pictures and fashion of Rihanna or FKA Twigs, as photographer and stylist wanted to capture those stars’ lines.

Shooting this editorial in studio was an obvious thing, as we wanted to play with the studio lightning to put focus on glittery and glamorous details such as glint on nails, expressive jewelry, jewelry tattoos and great make-up, which all together creates a real editorial look. Our model Killa was feeling truly freely during the shooting and she exactly knew how to pose and together with Aleksandra they made frames, which truly match the mood board and the general idea of this shooting. Exotic beauty of Killa made our pictures with an edge that we really wanted to capture. The model was also perfect for her dark hair and tanned skin.

The focus is the old-school clothing on model with glittery mermaid-like nails, funky hair style and modern, futuristic make-up. Jewelry tattoos are also modern pieces and they are making the pictures even more glamorous.

This collaboration arised with remarkably gifted make-up artist, hair stylist and nail artist and amazingly exotic model, who together created the look that photographer and stylist wanted to attain. #throwback brings some great memories to all of us, who were born in 90’s.

Aleksandra is a 22 years old self-taught photographer, who’s life story is rather average, as photography was always part of her life and for now it is her everything. Aleksandra was born in small village and that was the place where she was taking her first pictures at the age of 13. She is taking fashion pictures for about one year. For that time she met greatest people of her whole life and every day she is trying to be better than the day before. Becoming a fashion photographer is her life goal but her true love is taking pictures in daylight, which creates the most beautiful views.

She and Kwietna met only few months ago, but their sense of aesthetics are truly similar, so they work together as often as it is possible. Kwietna is a fashion stylist who is in love with set design, which is also becoming her profession. She is also a self-taught and she is at the beginning of her styling story, as she is doing that for a couple of months, yet her sense of aesthetics creates wonderful ideas. Kwietna loves forms and abstract pieces of clothes, which she always combines into one matching theme. She is in love with Polish fashion designers’ work and she uses a great variety of their pieces to create consistent fashion set.

The styling was based in several looks containing some vintage clothing, so as to show the true nature of 90’s. All the looks are completed with glittery jewelry, such as septum piercing or old-school hair bands. This kind of details are always playing a big role in fashion story. Our very talented make-up artist Bartek is also a young man, who originally was to be a hair stylist, but finally he found out that creating make-up is his one true passion. Both hair stylist Fi and nail artist Karolina felt freely in creating their art for #throwback, so the collaboration was truly perfect as everybody totally understood what the main topic was.


  • Look: 01 Denim jacket: vintage, top by TOPSHOP, jeans: vintage, jewelry: Stylists own
  • Look: 02 Denim jacket: vintage, top by TOPSHOP, jeans: vintage, jewelry: stylist’s own, shoes: Reebok
  • Look: 03 Denim jacket: vintage, top by TOPSHOP, jeans: vintage, jewelry: Stylists own
  • Look: 04 Pink shirts by Yves Saint Lauren, shirt by BIK BOK / jeans: vintage
  • Look: 05 Shirt & denim dress: vintage
  • Look: 06 Tracksuit: vintage, shoes: Reebok
  • Look: 07 Top by TOPSHOP, snapback: Starter
  • Look: 08 Jewelry: Stylists own
  • Look: 09 Jewelry: Stylists own