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Fashion Editorial: Swimsuit

Fashion Editorial: Swimsuit


I’m a conceptual portrait photographer, graduated in Communication Design & Photography from Lasalle-SIA International University in Melbourne. I have worked as Art Director and Chief Photographer for Paris Bijoux, and as an international photographer in Singapore, Australia, Italy and France before moving to the United Kingdom to start my own photo studio in London. I’m a pathological nomad who deeply believed the best way to actually learn anything is to travel and see what a place and its people are like. Every photo and design of mine has a distinct style that is sensitive, inspirational and introspective in nature, I hope to communicate my love for beauty in its many forms, even when it’s unconventional or unsettling. to infuse positivity and empower the spirit of the observer. The famous phrase “Beauty will save the world” by Dostoevsky was pronounced by a naive, idealistic character but it has a deep meaning rooted in our ambition to create and witness something unrepeatable and unique. I do believe that beauty will save the world, because there is so much beauty in this world just waiting for being discovered and captured, from the expressive maze of veins on the hands of an old laborer to the statuesque body of an athlete. The great mystery – and fascination, and elation – of photography is that in a single shot you can tell a whole story as well as what you see of that story. It has an immediacy and an ability of merging meanings that no other medium possesses.

This swimsuit series is the result of a long meditation on the human (feminine) body, its expressiveness and interactions. As a start, it had to be outdoor. Working on location always wins hands down. It’s challenging, therefore more exciting, plenty of natural light and you can be as creative as you want with the elements. In that regard, finding the right location, sourcing for styles, outfits, props, poses, make-up (there are several talented make-up artists collaborating with me, with whom I always brainstorm studying the most suitable looks) and of course models are key elements and have to be examined carefully and searched meticulously. In this case the location (struck me for its vibrant colors and the ancestral variety of its nature, which could allow me to create a unique setting. The shoot took place along the Egham river, in Surrey, but it could easily be along the Congo one hundred, two hundred years ago. There was a calm yet sometimes unsettling peace seemingly unchanged though time and I felt I needed something to work it in a contrasting but cooperating way. That’s the reason for a fashion shoot, the idea was to make two different kinds of beauty work together.

The primordial, almost untouched glory of a bulging nature and the sophisticated, expressive, seductive charm of a feminine body wearing modern outfits. I believe that modelling is a supreme way of acting with your body, the silent perfection of gestures must be crystallized in one single pose and I have to catch at the right moment. The photographer and the model have to work hard together to give life to a concept, an idea that requires a vision, a body and a perspective to be unique and beautiful.

I like thinking I portrait the world not just the way it is, but the way I see it. I use my camera to paint the lights, shadows and colors of suggestions that live inside of me, and thanks to photography I can make it alive and share it. It’s not about transforming reality, that’s not what I do. It’s rather about catching reality as I see it. It’s about creation rather than imagination. It’s all about this, to create images that can summon people’s emotions through your lens. To capture the sudden revelation of a moment and make it last forever.

Model: Yaourou Konate Lehrmann (https://www.facebook.com/Yaourou.Konate)
Makeup Artist: Sophia Lauren
Jewelry: Miramarc.Co
Location: Casanova boat at Egham