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Fashion Editorial: Summer Getaway

Fashion Editorial: Summer Getaway



  • Photography: Linda Leitner (www.lindaleitner.com)
  • Styling: Ann Leah
  • Make-Up & Hair: Sabine Gutwenger
  • Assistant: Nadine Hochwieser
  • Models: Sina and Selle @ SP Models
  • Location: Achensee, Austria

With “Summer Getaway” I wanted to create a story, which is fresh and easy – not too glamorous, like most of the swimwear editorials are. It’s inspired by the 80s, with a lot of neon colors and shiny fabrics. The second big influence for the editorial was Neoprene. From the beginning of planning the shoot, it was certainly going to be featuring neoprene wardrobe only. Since I do a lot of styling for photo shoots as well, I knew neoprene swimwear and clothing was going to be a huge trend in female clothing in 2014.

The attitude of the editorial should be edgy, cool and a little futuristic. The focus is the female model with it’s neoprene wardrobe. The male model portrays only a accessories of the female’s role. There should be an apparent tension between male and female, yet the dominance is the female character. The decisions which models to hire were made really quick. The female model is Sina, represented by SP Models, who is a sporty character with a edgy face features and an excellent body. Selle, the male model, who is also signed with SP Models and a whole lot other agencies around the world, and who I already shot an editorial in the past, was not worth a second of consideration. I knew he would do a great job being ignored and trying to gain Sina’s attention.

So I called my stylist to pull colorful, futuristic swimwear made of neoprene for this shoot for our female model. We both decided to pull from Triangle Swimwear and Aqua Swimwear, in combination with spacy neon accessories. Since I decided on hiring a male model for the shoot as well – the male swimwear should go along with the female’s wardrobe. So we also pulled light neoprene swimwear for him as well.

Looking for a location turned out to be quite a hustle. I had my vision, and I wanted the location to be a futuristic hotel with a minimalist pool and a golf course, as a second location. It didn’t turn out my way. But we found a nice hotel with a nice pool area at the Achene. Since it’s not quite easy to shoot a swimwear editorial in Austria, we had to wait till the weather permits it. We turned the second location into a volleyball court, because I decided to make it look like a beach.

The make up was done by Sabine, who is quite experience in editorial stories. The makeup should be glossy and shine – the skin tanned. For the hair we decided for a classic wet look. Along with the glossy look in the face, Sabine underlined the look with matching lip colors, to make the look more futuristic.


  • Bikini: Triangl Swimwear, AUQUA Swimwear,Jewelry: Stylist’s own
  • Boardshorts: O’Neill, Nomis
  • Visor: Vintage
  • Shoes: Aldo Backpack: Triangl