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Fashion Editorial: Sub-Traction

Fashion Editorial: Sub-Traction


Photographed by Vanessa Guevara (www.vanessaguevaraphoto.com)
Assistant: Leo Gonzalez
Hairstyling by Anthony Hollywood
Makeup by Vanessa Guevara
Wardrobe Stylist: Givoni Virgo
Model: Masha Diduk

Vanessa Guevara is a young female photographer from the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. Her passion comes from creating images that symbolize a mysterious story with emotion to leave her audience engaged in speculation. Currently attending college in pursuit for her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, for Photography at Kutztown University she continues to strive for her career in photography and as an artist. With each and every image in Sud-traction, Vanessa implements her skills in light, art directing, and photographic manipulation to produce conceptual images immersed in a world of mystery and drama.

There is nothing more exotic then a woman whom is seductive yet attractive at the same time. Working with a team of talented individuals, we wanted to create a story that involved the mix of both worlds in one woman. Givoni Virgo, the wardrobe stylist, was inspired by the classic 60’s with a mix of urban fashion. We incorporated a variety of looks that had an ascent of the 60’s but yet flowed with the urban clothing Givoni skillfully put together for us. Givoni also created a couture mask which was delicately handmade with gems, lace and pearls. The mask represents more than just a fashion accessory. It symbolizes the mask women unconsciously wear when they don’t feel that confidence in themselves to be attractive. Anthony Terry, our hairstylist, created beautiful loose curls that beautifully transitioned themselves with each and every outfit given to our model, Masha Diduk a sensual exotic feel. Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was the perfect place for us to capture our story. Created in 1984, Steel Stacks gave us both urban yet bold classic locations to mix the feel of the 1960’s.

Aside from being a professional photographer, Vanessa is also a professional makeup artist. As the makeup artist of Sud-traction she involved red lips with light natural eyes to enhance the 1960’s feel. As the story evolves, she transitions the makeup applications with bronzy smokey colors and dark lip colors to bring urban fashion into the mix.

Inspired by the mix of a woman being both seductive and attractive at the same time, it gave us a clear view of we wanted to create within the photo shoot. Carefully choosing our colors, styling, and location to bring our vision to life. We firmly believe that a woman doesn’t necessarily need to be seductive in order to be attractive to someone. Whether she is exposing her breasts, or covering them. Or whether she exposes her legs, or hides them. A woman shall always feel attractive and seductive in her own skin no matter how classy or urban she may be.

Look 1: Dress: Alyse Paris, Handmade mask: Givoni Virgo, Shoes: Urban City
Look 2: Lace top: Express, Leather pants: Malene Birger, Shoes: Charles David
Look 3: Silver blouse: Brigitte Bailey, Shorts: Lapalapa, Shoes: Steve Madden