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Fashion Editorial – No Strings on me

Fashion Editorial – No Strings on me


Photographer: Armando Bocanegra https://www.instagram.com/armandobocanegraph/
Stylist: Roberto Coss https://www.instagram.com/oyerobbie/
Hair and makeup: Naara Andrade https://www.instagram.com/naara_andrade_makeup/
Model: Maria Garduño at New Icon Model Management

Wardrobe Credits:
Pattan CR (LOOK 1,2 (pants), 3,4,11,12) https://www.instagram.com/pattancr/
Desskarada (LOOK 1,2 (cap),5,6, (pants)11,12) https://www.instagram.com/desskarada/
Lalo Zavala (LOOK 7,8)
D´Cirerol (LOOK 9,10) https://www.instagram.com/d.cirerol

And here is the fashion editorial about the inspiration for this piece:
Every single one of us is chained to the world. We use to live in the belief that freedom is a fact but every time in a while the mirror makes us see the truth behind. This is the moment the soul gets to escape from the reality, we look into ourselves to see the lands far away that await for us to be discovered. This shooting is about setting free from the strings that manipulate the mind in the daily lie we live. She was instructed to be the puppet restrained by the strings, the clothes were set according to the idea, starting with a restrained look, her sight set to convey the fear and shy of someone who is unable to act as she pleases but as everybody else points her to act.

A lost mind that does not get to think out of her own world feeling trapped into the clothes, the gray color in the background is according to the mood of somebody hopeless. But then something changes within herself allowing her to hold a correct posture. She goes from being a shy introvert girl to a more rebel thinking. This is the moment on the story in which her confidence shows up, there are no more strings getting her to hold back, she is now a woman fighting her own demons, the movements of her body look now bolder, powerful, her sight makes us feel the anger of somebody who has been caught into herself for years and is ready to get out to face the world that once trapped her.

This editorial is about the transformation that we can all experiment on our lives if we get to set free of the strings of the world. We use to be puppets with no control over ourselves but with a little bit of boldness and creativity, we can aspire to see farther than what the everyday lives allow us to see. It is through art that the soul gets to be free.