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Fashion Editorial: Shattered

Fashion Editorial: Shattered


Photographer: Rey Del Fierro
Model: Jennifer Jones
Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist: Carla Tersini
Hairstylist: Charlie Burroughs

Story by Carla Tersini / Photography by Rey Del Fierro

The concept of “Shattered” came to me after recently finding a vintage fashion photograph of a model leaning against a mirror. The overall feeling of the girl on that picture was sadness and loss. I began to imagine a story in my mind; this young, beautiful girl was sad, but not about the loss of a loved one or an important event, but her loss of self. This girl is now questioning who she really is and is becoming. At times she sees a reflection of a glamorous, sophisticated woman-the ideal of who she wants to be seen as. But then there are moments of frustration, anger and even martyrdom-carrying the weight of her world on her shoulders. She is still not sure who she is.

The challenge of expressing these mixed feelings into visual reality had been discussed extensively with my choice photographer, Rey Del Fierro, whom I have collaborated and worked on several creative projects and editorial shoots before. Once our creative minds started to imagine and visualize the “looks”, we drill down on planning the logistics of the shoot from choosing the right model, hairstylist, wardrobes and accessories. I always bring my mood board with me, as this helps, as both of us are fairly literal artists when it comes to positioning the lighting and posing the model.

I brought in Charlie Burroughs, whom I had previously worked on other photo shoots, and decided to leave it up to him to style the hair. He never disappoints and is a true professional.  The model, Jennifer Jones , came with an eager attitude and got right into character. Although working with pieces of shattered, sharp glass was, at times, challenging, the overall mood came across well.

Being the makeup artist and stylist for this editorial, I didn’t want the makeup to overpower the mood of this shoot. My goal was clean and simple, with a bit of color, since the clothing was all in black and white. I chose to adhere small pieces of broken glass to her brow to keep the theme of shattered glass in each photo.

Wardrobe Credits:
Photo 1 / Outfit: White button down shirt by Ann Taylor
Photos 2, 5 & 6 / Outfit: Long black gown by Almost Famous and Ring by BCNY Accessories
Photo 4 / Outfit: Black shirt by H&M
Photo 8 / Outfit: Black and White striped dress by H&M