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Fashion Editorial: Shanghai Girls

Fashion Editorial: Shanghai Girls


Elżbieta Kocięda is a 25 year old photographer from Poland who specializes mainly in portrait fashion and creative photography. Presently, a student of journalism with specialty of editing, advertising and press photography on the Warsaw University. Her works were published in such magazines as Elegant Magazine, OPPA!Magazine, Visual Artistry, Dark Beauty Magazine, Beau Nu Magazine and Magpie Darling. In her compositions she tries to refer to mythology, fairy tales and stories that she came across in childhood. She focuses on originality and creation of new and undiscovered worlds with a big dose of darkness and omnipresent mystery. Her inspirations are taken from everywhere but usually form literature, art, music and film.

Far East had been always inspiring me. It makes me think of a world full of color and beauty, secret as well as oriental artistry that I miss in my everyday life as an average European. Ever since I saw Lisa and Tiny I knew that I have to take them pictures from the beginning. Their original beauty charmed me at the first sight. I have been looking for someone like them and from the very beginning I knew that I want to photograph two models in duet. The girl did a great job in their roles and they created a connection between each other. Posing together was not a problem for them at all.

In this session I wanted to mix elegance with a slight amount of modernism and for this reason you can see beautiful, classic dresses from Kama Ostaszewska, as well as stylization presenting more dark tones, kimonos and corsets. The break of classic style are the fancy hairstyles by Edyta Kordzi which were inspired by a genial photo shoot of Elizabetha Porodina’s “So schön wie gemalt”. Another element that contributed to the charm and sensitivity were also the make-ups full of shining shades and perfect lines performed by a very talented makeup artist Agnieszka Świderska. The whole is supported by extraordinary jewelry from Lucyna Draczyoska. The jewelry collection “Delight” which was used consisted of raw materials, crystals and dandelions caught in resin. The light allows us to enjoy the natural beauty as it comes through this subtle fusion. The “Delight” collection is the affirmation of pure beauty.

The sophisticated beauty, elegance and, in some places, darkness with mystery, were the main assumptions of the photo shoot entitled “Shanghai girls”. This session bases also on contrasts between gentleness and rawness. Lisa Nguyen and Tiny Tu did a great job remembering about every detail of the clothing and jewelry presenting them in the best way possible. The specific combination of chiaroscuro present in the session managed to add a bit of a magic atmosphere which was an effect of a light filter and giving a slight blue glow on the models faces. The black background is supposed to focus all attention on the models.