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Fashion Editorial: Secret Ingredients

Fashion Editorial: Secret Ingredients



Photography & Retouch: Fanaberia Marta Szczepaniak www.facebok.com/FanaberiaMartaSzczepaniak www.fanaberia.dl.pl
Stylist: Anna Zwiefka www.facebook.com/AnnaZwiefkaPortfolio
Make-up Artist: Aleksandra Latos www.aleksandralatos.pl www.facebook.com/aleksandralatospl
Hair Stylist: Iga Kuźnik, Iguana www.facebook.com/STUDIO.IGUANA
Designers: Mateusz Jarmuła www.facebook.com/jarmulaofficial , Alicja Motyka, Małgorzata Kącka, Anna Zwiefka
Models: Daria Drożdż/D’Vision, Marta Wojtowicz
Production: Glitter Collective, Jakub Łaptaś kubens.pl
Assistance: Barabara Bieńkowska, Magdalena Noworyta, Krzysztof Stryj, Zuza Malina
Place: Art-Met, Smolnica
Backstage: Daniel Głogowski, www.ugdstudio.pl

Mystery. The theme of the session was the secret ingredients. The mystery shown in androgynous, raw and minimalist way. Fashion silhouettes of women were meant to be both strong but with a hint of delicacy, raw but having beauty, minimalist in form and color but also interesting at the same time. Opposing the ingredients mixed in a tasteful cocktail experience – a secret recipe in which everyone these components guesses himself, tastes and stores.

When selecting the designers and created their clothes the most important was the combination of different forms and variety. Statement of soft, easy-to-cut dresses and trousers airy with a modern, graphical and heavier foam. Forms of complete matched colors: classic black and white and interacted in consistent rhythm garnet and gray. The only stronger accent on a few pictures were color white with red romance – in strong contrast but reassured by a straight cut dresses.

The vision of this photo shoot was born in the minds of photographer and stylist that work together previously, have found a common language of image and fashion styles. The whole team implements the session created a harmonious and complete whole, where everyone knew his role well, filling it in a professional and dedicated manner. Each one person of a team brought freshness, uniqueness and talent as well as their individual secret ingredient. Blend these ingredients gave a complete, ready-developed vision with passion.

Marta Szczepaniak – a freelance photographer from Gliwice, Poland is totally in love with fashion, creative and mess in her head. She do not like to just “take a picture” but first of all create a new reality, create the sets, to tell a story. She loves to play with ingredients, non-obvious things and romance with completely diversity – sometimes putter on simplicity and minimalism, and sometimes on the total creation and satiety. She is not afraid of unusual, often bizarre solutions and ideas. Galloping in her mind crazy horse’s allowing the madness of imagination and going beyond the limits of obviousness and banality.

My purpose as a stylist was to create image of women enigmatic not exactly defined, with strong aspect of androgenity. To give the viewer questions about her identity, who she is, if it is women or other creature, not an answer. In the same time I wanted to avoid of using costumes- it could be to literal. So I decided to find designers who are making extravagant clothes, but still with all pieces ready-to-wear. These designers were: Alicja Motyka with her collection „inspired by the rhythm of life of the bigest metropolies. Going out in front of needs of women with different sizes, shapes and aesthetics sense. Variety is here a key word”. Mateusz Jarmula – with his collection “Stabat Mater”

I falled in love by the first sight: extravagancy, courage, ultramodern forms and textiles, and in the same time simplicity and absolute minimalism, and purism. And the last designer whos pieces I used was Małgorzata Kącka who is always linking her extremely fragiliti with practicality originated from her passion to sports.

Models who posed for pictures – Daria and Martha, were selected for the original, quaint and slightly androgynous beauty. Beauty, which is not a classic, sweet, too exposed or even tacky. Beauty which is so fashion and resembling a blank canvas on which the artist can create any, invented by the authors of the image.

The idea of make-up, which was made by Aleksandra Latos was assumed to be raw. The smoothed and lightened skins were to underline austere character of photo shoots and to emphasize the androgenic attitude models. Complement of make-up was graphic accents on eyelids. Inspired by the colorful lines and dots was the work of the famous makeup artist McGraph Path of the fashion show Anna Sui W / F 2012. Putting on neon colors strokes, aquamarine and roses were to be the only contrast and original touch to the whole background styling.


photos 1-4: Daria: pants by Małgorzata Kącka, blouse& hood by Alicja Motyka, Marta: dress by Anna Zwiefka
photo 5: pants by Małgorzata Kącka, blouse& hood by Alicja Motyka
photos 6,7: dress by Anna Zwiefka
photo 8: pants by Małgorzata Kącka, blouse& hood by Alicja Motyka
photo 9: dress by Mateusz Jarmuła, jumpsuit by Alicja Motyka
photos 10,11: dress by Mateusz Jarmuła
photo 12: jumpsuit by Alicja Motyka
photos 13,14,15: dresses by Alicja Motyka
photos 16,17: Daria: pants by Małgorzata Kącka, blouse by Mateusz Jarmuła; Marta: coat&shorts by Mateusz Jarmuła, trousers by Alicja Motyka
photo18: pants by Małgorzata Kącka, blouse by Mateusz Jarmuła
photo 19: coat&shorts by Mateusz Jarmuła, trousers by Alicja Motyka
photo 20: Daria: pants by Małgorzata Kącka, blouse by Mateusz Jarmuła; Marta: coat&shorts by Mateusz Jarmuła, trousers by Alicja Motyka
photo 21: pants by Małgorzata Kącka, blouse by Mateusz Jarmuła
photo 22: coat&shorts by Mateusz Jarmuła, trousers by Alicja Motyka

Hairstyles created by Iga Kuźnik from the Iguana hair-salon had to interact with the whole concept. They could not focus the main attention. Hairstyles have to complement, not dominate the entire presentation silhouettes. The inspirations become geometric partings in V-shaped from fashion show of Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre – creating a simple but also futuristic and imaginative hairstyle at the same time.

All pictures were taken in the Production Art-Met in Smolnica, courtesy of its owners who are always open for actions and visions of young artists. Atmosphere of the place made the perfect backdrop for photos – spacious interior full of machines and an original equipment manufacturing which has severity and striking power. Color tones blend in perfectly with the style of photos – not overwhelm them and not suppress.

The whole photo shoot is based on creating your own recipe, using a variety of ingredients from many fields – styles, forms, materials, colors, shapes, vision, personality and magic individual components. And the secret ingredients for a good photo shoot? Getting to know them, understanding, combination in fashion, passion and commitment. This will always work.