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Fashion Editorial: Ruins

Fashion Editorial: Ruins


In this editorial, I wanted to combine modern beauty and elegance with a rustic, and desolate location. Looking upon the stone walls, pillars and bridges you can see that this area once flourished with much activity. Large stones are left in piles in open courtyards. Trees and other plant life have slowly begun to grow over or into areas where people once were entertained. Walkways that once supported very large groups of people are now unsafe to travel upon. Over the years this area has been forgotten or lost in time. I can imagine outdoor banquets, celebrations, and lots of festive locations once being at the center of these ruins. It was my goal to restore an element of beauty back this lost area. I wanted to achieve this by adding a beautifully dressed model in designer gowns and complimentary accessories.

From the start, I knew I wanted to select poses that would complement and display each gown. Full length shots were taken to give the viewer a grasp of how long and detailed each gown is. The length of Alexandria’s legs help fill out each gown. The gold belt and neckpiece [Provided by Larissa Favre and China Doll accessories] were selected for the Red gown to contrast the ruins that were covered in the white snow. We wanted to add a warm tone to the cool snow. The golden bracelets worn also vary by design in each look. For the second gown we added Emerald blue earrings with the teal gown. This was our transitional look from the warm red to cool blue gown. If you look closely, the blue gown is also complimented by a multicolored pendant bearing the colors of both red and blue. The colors stand out as a contrast against the brown walls and pillars. Also, the lip color was changed to a burgundy. This blends with the color tone of her surrounding walls and fallen shrubbery.

Selecting a team for this project was very critical. I feel my model, Alexandria Cramsey [of Reinhard Model and Talent Agency] was a great fit. Alexandria’s figure fully displays the length and beauty of each gown. [Provided by Elizabeth Delgado Designs] Her captivating eyes also work together with the accessories to grasp the viewer’s attention and draw you into the image. I feel she has the elegant and classic look that was necessary for this shoot. . Her experience and skill was also displayed as she modeled in the extreme frost and windy conditions as well. Alexandria was also able to use her talent as a makeup artist on this project. The makeup was softly applied with lips colored in red and burgundy. Hair was styled short and wavy to display the jewelry she wore around her neck. Wardrobe Styling was provided by Frances Chavarria-Gonzolez. Each garment was matched with a carefully selected gold accessory. Frances was able to grasp the concept of this shoot from the very beginning. Her commitment to the project helped make it a success.

I believe many locations we initially find unappealing or unattractive should be looked at with a different perspective. Take another close look at them. A creative eye and motivation can restore these locations to their former glory. These locations can also help to inspire us in many ways. We decided to showcase this point from a fashion perspective. Thankfully, I work with a great team that was able to help me bring this point across. I do hope that you enjoy this editorial as much as our team enjoyed putting it together for you.

Photographer: Jamal T Cormier
Instagram- Solidrockphotography
Twitter- @PhotographySRP
Model/Makeup and Hair:Alexandria Cramsey of Reinhard Modeling and Talent
Gown Designer – Elizabeth Delgado
Accessory Designer – Larissa Favre and China Doll accessories
Wardrobe Stylist – Frances Chavarria- Gonzalez http://facebook.com/HelloKittyChic