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Fashion Editorial: Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby

Fashion Editorial: Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby


Photographer: Jerome Gimenez
Artistic Director: Clémence Guimpied
Makeup Artist: Nolwenn Bechu
Hairstyle: Sefedine Allaoua
Model: Constance

Fresh and young model Constance, who was discovered only a few months prior at an agency test was the inspiration of this photo shoot, titled Rock ‘N Roll, Baby. At only fifteen years old, Constance has a promising future in the fashion industry and modeling world. She possesses both professional and impressive charisma. The photo shoot was arranged to be shot in a way that tested her potential. The creative team opted for a rock universe with a particular desire, and that was to keep her “teenage” side prominent but also remain natural during the photo shoot. The shoot was built in three parts. Each photo showed the progression of her from youth to adulthood.

The first part was the “teenage” side of her, which captured Constance’s youthful essence. All the pictures were shot outside, with the creative team feeling lucky as it was still sunny and warm enough to do such a shoot. As for the clothing, the shoot was outfitted by Sir Jude (www.sirjude.com) who offered their new product range to the shoot. Brand new items included in the range include a Michael Jackson T-shirt and a Frank Sinatra-like jacket. Pop-icon inspired clothing captured the teenage side of Constance. To complete the looks, the Springsioux shop (based in Paris, 48 rue de la Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie) provided the glasses, chain and more. But the most important item contributing to the “teenager” aspect was the MOMY cap. Additional accessories include a skateboard which brought both youth and energy to the shoot.

The second part being represented in this shoot is the “evolution.” The creative team wanted to exhibit the transition from teenager to woman, the handling of her assets for seduction and the subsequent power of that seduction and its strength. This leaves us with a representation of the ultimate Femme Fatale. The creative team envisioned an underground world while still keeping a delicate balance of the feminine touch. The poses that the model does are a bit restrained, even though the attitude is strong; the perfect match to symbolize this evolution. The color red which has associations with passion and forced is highlighted carefully over the model’s eyes. In order for the photographer to capture the art of seduction, it required playing with light. The team encapsulated the power that they were intending. The model’s hair also contributed to “evolution.” The hair was given a fiery touch with teasing and heavy volume on the top of the head.

For the outfit worn in “evolution” the team chose the store Springsioux for the mitt and cuff accessories. To give the outfit a Femme Fatale look, they chose to go with shoes by Larare which perfectly matched the spirit that they wanted to reach. With its metal heels and printed fur, the edgy shoes brought the whole piece together.

For the third and final part, which was the end result of Constance’s evolution, the team went with a colored background because they felt it was the perfect element to tie in the whole series. The third part shoes the confidence and strength of the woman that has now emerged from her evolution. The attitude is more sober and the outfits are more simple.

This shoot was a great experience for the whole creative team and they all enjoyed working together, in good humor. The results of the photo shoot show just how much the team worked as a group. The team would like to thank those who had invested in them and trusted their ideas and also those who granted access to their products. Rock ‘n Roll, Baby!

– Sir Jude
– Springsioux
– Rayban
– H&M
– Arbor
– Dominique Aurentis
– Larare