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Fashion Editorial: I Am Rainbow Soul

Fashion Editorial: I Am Rainbow Soul


Model: Miriam Santoyo aka “Rainbow Soul”
Facebook – facebook.com/rainbowwsoul
Instagram – @_rainbowsoul
Booking – model.miriamsantoyo@gmail.com

Photographer: Mark Murphy III “MM3Photo”
Facebook – facebook.com/ConnecticutModels
Instagram – @mm3models
Booking – smurfmark.geo@yahoo.com

I ask this question to every young woman or man. “What makes you think that you are a model?” I get the same answer every time. “I am pretty and people tell me that I should be a model. I am good looking and I am tall. Look at my pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will notice that I know how to pose and make great facial expressions.”

Since I have been taking model pictures professionally, none of what they say is true. Most times it is not the good looks that get you the job. And wearing heels does not actually make you 5’9”. Facebook and all other social media hits do not mean that you can actually make it in this world of modeling. You have to be unique. You have to walk the walk. Modeling should already be in you. You should not have to force it like they do. You should not have to go after “Likes” like they do. Let me talk to you about one model that I found.

When I saw this young lady with the Rainbow color hair and the nose ring walking the runway, I knew that there was something unique about her. Miriam Santoyo probably does not even know that she is a natural at what she does. She probably does not even know that she has a natural beauty. I knew that she was not as tall as the average model. I knew that she did not wear her hair like the normal model. I know that the normal model does not wear a nose ring. When she walked towards me in a fashion show and before I even took the first shot of her with my camera, I just knew that I had to have her come to my studio. Her spirit was humble. Even though she walked like a model and looked like a model, she spoke to me in her walk, I am out here giving it my all. I hope people like me. I am not even sure if I really fit in, but I am going to keep trying anyway.
I LIKE THAT! She walked in it, but she still knew that she had to prove herself and that she is not the average model.

I never did ask my new model Miriam “What makes you think that you are a model?, however, I ask her to say a little something in her own words something about herself for Solis Magazine:

My name is Miriam Santoyo, I am 19 years old. I was born in Mexico City but was raised in Bridgeport, CT. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a model in the future. However, I have a lot of love and compassion for animals, I have been a vegetarian for about 3 years now. I’m currently enrolled at Norwalk Community College to become a veterinary technician.

My career as a model so far has helped me grow as a person, physically and mentally. In the beginning of this career, I was very insecure about my body for how slim I was. Throughout these past four years, I learned to love myself for who I am. Modeling has seriously impacted my life in so many ways, it taught me to open up and love every part of myself. It also opened the doors to many opportunities into my life. Along the way, I have met amazing people who have helped me get into fashion shows, photo shoots, video shoots, and more. I will continue to pursue my career as a model and veterinary technician because dreams do come true. Never say never and always give it your best, take the risk because the results get better every time you try.

I believe that I am Blessed to have found this young lady. At only 19 years old, she still has time to grow and learn. I was also amazed at the fact that she does not put modeling at the forefront of her career. It is important that young people consider a career that will be something that will sustain there livelihood until the time that they can sit down and say to there kids, grandkids or other young ones, “I have lived my life well and prosperous.”

I do believe that Miriam can also model as her secondary career because she is a natural at it. And she has a humble spirit and not one that says, “Because I am pretty!”


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