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Fashion Editorial: Pure White

Fashion Editorial: Pure White


“Beauty will save the world.”

Inspired by the quote Dostoevsky, this editorial is dedicated to beauty. “Simplicity, elegance, sensuality, these are the characteristics of a winter immersed in the dream and in purity. The interpretation of a season, the winter, which is mainly an expression of an inner state, through the mirror of what the model’s face emerges in its most intimate and romantic.

Sensuality and romance have never been more united, in what is the most sweet and true encounter between the dream of beauty and purity still possible. Nothing is lost but everything is transformed and so, among the fascinating folds of femininity, the succession of intriguing simplicity, is exalted among the tones of a glacial never feel cold and distant.

The “Made in Italy” has always been famous and recognized worldwide for its elegance that stands out and that never fades, and here, as in a cloud out of time, emotions are left intentionally suspended pending will not perch in the eye of the beholder with an open heart. A beauty to hear and contemplate with the eyes of the soul, a romantic dream to live in its entirety. Immerse yourself in the winter will be an experience never proven, the dream, the dimension from which to be conquered, the magic of that face, sensuality which remain bewitched.

The harmony of contrasts shines in simple details, attracts, exudes charm, seduce. Not a mere image but a shot that is able to stand the test of time because the beauty, the real one, needs little to emerge, she is, and hide behind unnecessary frills would remove them as strengths. A lens does not hide the beauty rather enhances it and makes it real to the extent that a dream can be. Ideally located space in colors and lines to explode into those eyes of ice enclosing purity and those lips which promise passion. A rich femininity that does not spoil the body but that leaves the most intimate part of emerge and be breathing pure poetry.

Dreamlike scenery suspended in time and reality coexist in a game of nuance that involve those who have the courage to get lost in the deep blue, flesh and soul in the delicate balance between the ethereal and the ground. Unveiling the beauty that is hidden behind masks is the spirit cornerstone of this project to bring to the surface what he asks because space enjoy the beauty is a right and that is what the camera lens pursues. The essentially is combined with the discovery of a white cloaked everything, as light snow that settles and that dream envelops everything. A cloud of which lie in the company of the purest of fantasies.

And that’s where all the dreams come to life and drown in this “pure white” has never been so sweet. Luca Maci specializes in fashion photography and advertising photography. His pictures portray subjects in natural poses, in harmony with the elements that surround them. The study of light has always been his trademark, research and dedication are the basis of every project, enhance the subject portrayed, his mission. Expressing emotions capturing the light is what we hold most, the only way it knows how to give a moment that lifts the moment in its eternity.

Photography & Retouch: Luca Maci
www.lucamacifotografo.it   –  https://www.facebook.com/lucamaciphotographer
Make-up Artist: Paula Niculita https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paula-Make-Up/1378921322388301?fref=ts
Model: Erika Nicolosi
Mood Creators: Luca Maci/Paula Niculita
Text: Alessandra Grande
Place: The Gray House Studio’s Catania (ITALY)