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Fashion Editorial: Princess Lionheart

Fashion Editorial: Princess Lionheart


Julie Georgantidou is a professional photographer who lives and works in Athens, Greece. She started working professionally in 2008. She has photographed theatrical plays and actors from her very first steps. In 2009 she started working as photo editor and photographer at “To Greece” and “Speed travel” travel magazines until now. She has photographed public figures for interviews and articles for sites and other magazines too. For the last two years she is working in the fashion industry and does editorials, models’ books, catalogs and campaigns. At the same time she is doing art and conceptual photography. As she says: “Nothing that concerns photography is out of my range of interests! I like taking pictures of almost everything. I love nature, people, my city, my country and generally the world we live in. I want to learn new things and to experiment. I think that photography is a way not only to express yourself but also a way to see things differently. Through lens everyone sees a different world, a world of reality & fairy tale mixed in one.”

In 2014 Julie Georgantidou joined forces with Define Make Up Team (DMUT), a team experienced in the world of fashion and its two creative directors Stathis Kotsikonas and Evi Anthrakidou. They both worked for photographers, multiple times in Athens Fashion Week, magazines, television and video clips. As they evolved, they expanded in art direction, styling and hair styling. They started organizing their own photo-shoots (conceptually and consecutively). They worked with many talented photographers and some of their work as a team was published in magazines such as “Veux” in Canada and “Fashion Figure” in Cyprus.

Julie’s and DMUT’s collaboration produced many creative and innovative editorials. The three of them came together in the spirit of team work. In times of crisis they thought that two is better than one and three is infinitely better than two. In most parts of this collaboration there was a weird silent mutual agreement. One’s idea was the other’s long-time dream. Like a man with three brains and three hearts working simultaneously. Of course there is always that moment in time of different points of view. But at that point everyone tests their ability to synthesize. And that is the time when magic happens.

For the present editorial “Princess Lion-heart” the inspiration was a three-brain deal. Someone visited the location, a very old deserted summer palace, (maybe took some random photos) and thought: “We could do something here…”.Then all of them saw the photos and they said: “Let’s combine the reality with a fairy-tale sense but with a twist! Let’s take that dreamlike location and -plant in- a classical 40’s-50’s girl”. The right figure. Someone said: “That girl reminds me of a Lillian Bassman character”. Someone looked at the girl and designed a dress and then another one. Someone thought of a makeup. Someone had an idea for the hair. Someone said she needed a bow. And then with all that green around, something should be white. They talk a lot before every photo-shoot and that is good. They don’t have to say much during the shooting and that is even better. They try to find something to say afterwards, but the photographs say it all.

This editorial is dedicated to Nicolas Chatzimanolis, a very talented hair stylist. He was a very special man who is no longer with us. A kind and decent man who left too early. Julie, Evi, Stathis, Daphne and all the people who knew and worked with him, admired and loved him. We will miss him a lot.


  • Photographer: Julie Georgantidou
  • Make Up: Evi Anthrakidou ( Define Make Up Team )
  • Fashion Editor: Stathis Kotsikonas ( Define Make Up Team )
  • Hair stylist: Nikos Chatzimanolis
  • Model: Dafni Pelekasi (New Model Agency)
  • Blue Skirt: Georgy boutique
  • Black and White Dress: Stathis Kotsikonas