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Fashion Editorial – Not Just a Pretty Face

Fashion Editorial – Not Just a Pretty Face


Photographer: Mark Wong
Model: Alayna Kellett
Makeup Artist: Sangeeta Bhella
Accessories supplied by Sangeeta Bhella

Look one: White top from H&M and jeans are J brand. Boots are models.
Look two: Models own clothing
Look three: Shirt, jacket, and pants from H&M, shoes are models.
Look four: Models clothing.

I began modeling late, not late in real life, but late in the modeling world, 19, which in ‘model years’ is closer to middle age. Starting later gave me a unique view of the industry and the people making it, making me feel like a bit of an outlier but also letting me quietly observe the inner workings of such a supposedly glamorous business. I have lots of opinions and stories to share, but one thing I have learned that holds true everywhere is that beautiful people have a decided advantage in life, at work, and with other people. When a beautiful person speaks, more people listen, not necessarily fair, but true. Those lucky people can choose to use that boost to help themselves and others or they can simply exploit it for petty and selfish reasons.

When we look at our current global situation, anyone can see that our towns, cities, communities, countries and the world, need as many brave, strong, and intelligent people as we can get, and if any of those individuals already have extra people paying attention to them because they are beautiful and charismatic, all the better.

There are models all over the world using their beauty and fame to bring awareness to causes close to their hearts and to fight back against ignorance and inequality, whether it is in their own backyard or across the ocean. Karlie Kloss runs Kode with Karlie, encouraging girls to learn coding and Alek Wek is an ambassador to the U.N. Commission.

I am currently advocating for women’s rights, for equal pay and fair treatment of sexual assault victims here at home to pushing for education and work opportunities for women in other countries. It isn’t really important what your cause is, as long as you are passionate, so get out there and make your voices heard, join a cause, send donations or just start having real conversations with people. Every voice is important and every person counts, but if you are lucky enough to have that special something that makes people sit up and pay attention, don’t squander it, run with it!!! Use your strengths to fight for what you think is important and you too can be more than just another pretty face.